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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

It's a little shocking to my ears, having spent my childhood in the bosom of the British NHS, to listen to how Americans are responding to Hilary Clinton's plan for universal health entitlements.

She's been roundly lambasted by the Republicans for her 'Hilaryaid' proposals, which sound nothing more than the mildest, weakest version of what most Western Europeans would consider a fundamental human right.

While Barack continues to witter pointlessly about bringing 'change', without ever specifying what change he's bringing (loose change, perhaps?), at least La Clinton has put an actual concrete proposal on the table for discussion.

And to me, that discussion has been frightening.

If you were to listen to Mitt Romney or Huckabee, you'd think that she was proposing Communist totalitarianism. The idea of any form of universal state supported health care is anathema to these people. And their millions of supporters.

Those views, abhorrent as they are to most people on this side of the pond, are not unknown here, however. You could map our current Health Minister's agenda almost exactly over what Republicans believe is a functioning health system - ie a multi-tier affair based on ability to pay rather than need, bloated with inefficient beaurocracy and outrageously expensive due to rampant litigation against medics, the aforementioned paper-pushing and the need to generate profits for private entities.

There's something to think about, not only on Super Tuesday, but the next time you hear Harney trying to sell you some snake oil about 'co-location'.


Informer said...

I'm torin between the two tbh, not that it effects me! I believe the 2 offer more to the securitas elite than to the normal population in general even though Hilary is talking about national health for all etc, which 3rd class citizens in South Carolina could do with, considering the AIDS pandemic and drugs issues.
PS: What I mean about more benefit to the securitas network, is the fact that America is more hated than ever, with its invasion of countries for its oil conumption policy moreso than the humanitarian focus that Hilary or Obama will bring to the table. Hopefully to win back some of the foreign support they have lost over the years.

JC Skinner said...

Well, Obama is the anti-war candidate, or so he depicts himself.
It remains to be seen what, if elected, he could do to extricate America from their many foreign military diversions and how he could seek to undo the damage done to America's reputation across the globe.
But never underestimate the power of good PR spinners.

mellobiafra said...

I don't like linking out to other sites, but this is priceless...


Actually they're both priceless!