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Friday, July 23, 2010

The people the state REALLY discriminates against

No, it's not the travellers, who still bank fortunes every time a bar decides not to serve them because the last one that did ended up like this.

And it's certainly not the asylum seekers refusing to leave their holiday camp accommodation.

Needless to say, it is Irish people returning to Ireland from abroad.

While the quasi-bankrupt state continues funding Pamela Izevbhekhai's millions of euro in legal fees and hands six figure cheques or luxury houses out to squatting travellers, it refuses welfare to Irish people returning home.

What a sick inversion of priorities this morally vacant government has, that they would plough tax money into zombie banks and gombeen developers, and throw money, education and accommodation at any liar off the plane from Nigeria, yet they deny basic welfare to their own citizens.

It's time for the revolution, I think.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quelle surprise!

It seems that the French authorities are going to prosecute the members of their national soccer team who were shagging underage prostitutes after all.

Three of their top players admitted to paying tens of thousands of euro to bang teen hookers, which is a child abuse offence in France.

Yet somehow, they were not only not prosecuted on the spot, but two of them even made it onto the plane to South Africa and ended up shaming their nation all over again with dismal performances and that hilarious Gallic strop where they refused to train.

We're well used, via exposure to the England wags, to the ignominious sight of an overly made-up professional shopper standing by her man after he's been caught knocking off pay-to-play pussy.

But it's a bit of a new experience for the French. I wonder whether this case would ever have reached court if Ribery and Govou had helped their team to the title, or at least made the semi-finals? Perhaps it is not their disgraceful sexual shenanigans which are being punished so much as their failure at football.

As a coda to all of that, the cheat Henry has gone to the graveyard of ageing footballers, America, for one last payday. Unfortunately, he chose to play for New York Red Bulls - one of the two franchises in the MLS with as many Irish-American fans as Hispanic ones. There already have been calls for a boycott.

Much as I loathe what Henry did, and galling as it was to think of how much better Ireland's hungry young Turks under Trap might have done in place of the French in South Africa, I think it is appalling that it is Thierry who faces the shame and the boycott and not those who thought it legitimate to hire children for sex.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Orangefest is wrong

We're told that the 12th of July celebrations by the Loyal Orange Order is a simple celebration of Protestant Ulster religious tradition and in no way intended as an antagonism or triumphalist sneering at the Catholic community of Northern Ireland.

Sadly this picture says otherwise:

For the uninitiated in Ulster hatreds, KAT stands for 'Kill all Taigs (Catholics)' while FAP is an acronym for 'Fuck all Papists'.

This image, and a superb photostory and accompanying report, can be found at Slugger O'Toole.

The author must be commended for braving the drunken louts that attend the 12th of July 'celebrations' in order to report on the reality of the hatred they represent.

What religious organisation can endorse such genocidal desires among its supporters? Is it any wonder that the people of nationalist areas such as Ardoyne are prepared, after generations of such intimidation, to riot in order to prevent them passing through their streets?

The only way to prevent those riots is to prevent the marches themselves. In places like Rossknowlagh, in Donegal in the Republic of Ireland, Orange marches pass off peaceably every year without fail. It is no coincidence that the Rossknowlagh march does not pass through streets where they are not wanted, nor does its followers display on their faces desires to ethnically cleanse their neighbours and co-religionists in the Christian tradition.

Much as the Orange Order would like to sanitise their marching season into an 'Orangefest' the whole community and wider tourist cohort can enjoy, while their supporters propose the genocide of their neighbours, this remains an impossible dream.

Only when the Orange marches are restricted to routes on which they are welcome, when their religious temperance celebration is enforced without alcohol and when they strictly repudiate genocidal intent among their following will they ever be accepted among their neighbours whose eradication is so desired by deluded, hate-filled youngsters such as those above.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ingrates of the Year

It's hard to comprehend the ingratitude expressed by asylum seekers who threaten hunger strike when asked to leave their holiday camp accommodation and move elsewhere while their claims are considered.

After all, these people have fled life-threatening environments, and have arrived on the shores of Ireland pleading for a safe haven. That's the claim, anyway.

Of course, it's a claim that makes no sense whatsoever. Justice figures show that in excess of 90% of such claims are bogus, and the claimants utilise all routes at their disposal, from destroying their ID documents on arrival, to repeated expensive appeals (paid for by the Irish taxpayer) to delay their lies being exposed.

The aim is to delay the process sufficiently so that it results in their nationalisation, either by the former route of having a child born in Ireland or the current favourites - marriage to an Irish citizen or nationalisation on the basis of how long they've been here.

Furthermore, the vast majority of claimants are not from places where their lives could be genuinely considered at risk. Nigeria is not at war nor has it been for decades. It is an affluent country by African standards, with oil and mineral resources, a thriving film industry and large conurbations of industry. Yet a large proportion of asylum claims in Ireland are made by Nigerians.

Asylum claimants are expected to claim asylum in the first safe haven they reach. Obviously there are no direct flights from Lagos to Dublin. It's self-evident that the vast majority of asylum seekers here are simply economic migrants attracted by our generous social welfare provision.

West African countries for much of the past decade were rife with advertisements guiding people in how to claim asylum in Ireland, what to say in interviews, and what you can get from the state. It was an industry that only tailed off along with the economic downturn.

You would think that asylum cases might grow in times of economic difficulty. The fact they plummetted by 50% indicates that the bulk of claimants in Ireland were bogus. They were economic migrants.

Many successful claimants often end up holidaying back in their native countries despite their claim being based on the alleged fear of threat to their lives in those countries. We had one ridiculous case where an asylum seeker who was later elected mayor of Portlaoise returned to Nigeria to be celebrated in a parade. Surely that ought to have instantly invalidated his claim? Not in the upside-down logic of the Irish asylum system.

The poster girl for this methodology is Nigerian liar Pamela Izevbhekhai, who disgracefully invented an imaginary dead daughter to support her claim for asylum. Despite being found out a year ago, she is somehow still in Ireland, still costing the state a fortune as she endlessly appeals in ever higher courts.

There will inevitably be those hand-wringing self-loathers who will cry 'racism' as the first mention of criticism of asylum seekers. We saw this in the protests supporting Izevbhekhai. The country no longer has the resources to support the levels of economic migrants posing immorally as asylum seekers, and certainly need no longer listen to the delusions of the bleeding-heart classes and their facile attempts to throw Ireland's doors open to all-comers.

Simply put, we permitted 505,000 people to come to Ireland in recent years and now are experiencing unemployment of 452,000. The two numbers are obviously linked.

There is an ideological gap between those who consider that nation states have a primary duty of care to their own citizens, and those who support unfettered freedom of movement globally.

The former are baffled as to why the country is still paying to house economic migrants who lie to get into Ireland having failed to claim asylum in countries they've travelled through (where social welfare payments are lower), especially when those bogus claimants then demonstrate their gratitude by ever-escalating demands - the right to work, free education, new schools for their kids, and of course the right to choose to stay in a holiday camp.

They're also baffled by being called racists for questioning these issues.

The latter seem to think that somehow a small island on the edge of the Atlantic which is mired in debt and on the brink of default can afford to house all of Africa on generous social welfare payments, and support the legal fees incurred by their endless risible appeals in court.

I've called before for a new approach to asylum and immigration in Ireland. Even if implemented now, it's still years too late.

But a good start would be to immediately introduce as an emergency measure an end to all funding of legal appeals in asylum cases. And in that context, the claimants at Mosney can be offered a nice simple choice - take what you're given or get out.

They can be provided with flights back to their country of origin, or to whatever country they transitted through en route to Ireland if they still aren't happy.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Oolster-Scòtch comes of age

At long last, the imaginary language has produced something of genuine worth.

No, not the 'translation' fees that helped fund turncoat Ian Parsley's ill-fated tilt at political superstardom. I mean a genuine piece of art even more hilarious than Lord Laird's excuses for his stratospheric taxi expenses.

Welcome to 1690 and all thon, a satirical examination of Northern Ireland's politics and culture, with a special focus on the nonsense that is Ulster-Scots.

You have to admire 'Professor' Wullie and his associates Billy and WJ for their mastery of this spoof language. I really hope they're receiving some sort of grant from the millions of wasted taxpayers' money that's being pissed away on this linguistic scam.

After all, if the Department of Arts and Culture can fund the paedophiles, bigots and chancers who run the actual Ulster-Scots Scam, surely these comic geniuses should be getting a few quid?

"Git yer fingers oot and haun thon wee lads a few shillin, Norn Iron Oaffis! Shure they've goat tae be wirth mair than payin fir Lord Laird's fauncy dress an cabbie bills," said one of the zero existing native speakers of Ulster-Scots yesterday.

PS. RIP to Horseman, author of the Ulster's Doomed blog, whose excellent work highlighting the duplicity of Ian Parsley is linked above. Sadly he passed away recently (Horseman, that is, not Parsley, more's the pity.)
The blogosphere is a poorer place without Horseman and his forensic numerical examinations of Northern Ireland and its politics. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.