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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quelle surprise!

It seems that the French authorities are going to prosecute the members of their national soccer team who were shagging underage prostitutes after all.

Three of their top players admitted to paying tens of thousands of euro to bang teen hookers, which is a child abuse offence in France.

Yet somehow, they were not only not prosecuted on the spot, but two of them even made it onto the plane to South Africa and ended up shaming their nation all over again with dismal performances and that hilarious Gallic strop where they refused to train.

We're well used, via exposure to the England wags, to the ignominious sight of an overly made-up professional shopper standing by her man after he's been caught knocking off pay-to-play pussy.

But it's a bit of a new experience for the French. I wonder whether this case would ever have reached court if Ribery and Govou had helped their team to the title, or at least made the semi-finals? Perhaps it is not their disgraceful sexual shenanigans which are being punished so much as their failure at football.

As a coda to all of that, the cheat Henry has gone to the graveyard of ageing footballers, America, for one last payday. Unfortunately, he chose to play for New York Red Bulls - one of the two franchises in the MLS with as many Irish-American fans as Hispanic ones. There already have been calls for a boycott.

Much as I loathe what Henry did, and galling as it was to think of how much better Ireland's hungry young Turks under Trap might have done in place of the French in South Africa, I think it is appalling that it is Thierry who faces the shame and the boycott and not those who thought it legitimate to hire children for sex.


Twenty Major said...

The whole Henry thing was a embarrassing load of overreactionary bollocks anyway.

JC Skinner said...

No one came out of it well. Certainly not the corrupt scummers of FIFA and EUFA (Septic Bladder and Michelle Fatini) whose stance against technology was destroyed in South Africa by Frank Lampard and Carlos Tevez.
Nor the French team, who somehow managed to make the ignominy of their qualification become the highlight of their World Cup, such was their shocking behaviour on and off the pitch from March till July.
Just because the redtops moaned their holes off to sell papers and 300 people marched to the French embassy of a Saturday before the rugby started doesn't mean that it was some sort of national embarrassment, though.
Half your team caught riding kids for money - THAT'S a national embarrassment.

Twenty Major said...

The fact that our fuckwitted politicians got involved was embarrassing. The fact that the FAI suggested we be the 33rd team was embarrassing. All the holier than thou cunts who said they'd own up and wouldn't want to qualify that way were embarrassing. That people protested about a football match and none of the other shit this country is going through (until much later) was embarrassing.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the French implosion as much as anyone but put it in perspective.

And yes, Ribery and co are scumbags

JC Skinner said...

Politicians are as tempted by a populist cause as they are by a bulging brown envelope. It's a no-lose upside for them just as it was for the redtops.
In fairness, 100,000 people marched on the ICTU march against the cuts many months before 300 took a pre-rugby wander up to the French embassy.
And it goes without saying that anything John Delaney does is a national embarrassment.

Twenty Major said...

Won't argue with that