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Friday, July 23, 2010

The people the state REALLY discriminates against

No, it's not the travellers, who still bank fortunes every time a bar decides not to serve them because the last one that did ended up like this.

And it's certainly not the asylum seekers refusing to leave their holiday camp accommodation.

Needless to say, it is Irish people returning to Ireland from abroad.

While the quasi-bankrupt state continues funding Pamela Izevbhekhai's millions of euro in legal fees and hands six figure cheques or luxury houses out to squatting travellers, it refuses welfare to Irish people returning home.

What a sick inversion of priorities this morally vacant government has, that they would plough tax money into zombie banks and gombeen developers, and throw money, education and accommodation at any liar off the plane from Nigeria, yet they deny basic welfare to their own citizens.

It's time for the revolution, I think.


Left wing politics said...


Dont the Germans have a right of citizenship for Germans outside of that country such that the Volga germans had the right to go to Germany nearly 200 years after they moved there under Peter the Great

JC Skinner said...

Spain offers passports to those of Spanish inheritance too. Hence the irony that Irish-Argentinians must claim Spanish passports to come and live in Ireland, due to our grandparent rule.
But interesting though that is, citizenship isn't the discussion here.
No one queries that the Irish citizens returning from abroad are indeed Irish. They're just being refused welfare benefits which are instead granted to foreign nationals.
The basis of qualification is deemed to be longevity of residency rather than citizenship, which seems rather the wrong way round to me.