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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Losing interest in Lisbon

I'm losing interest in Lisbon.

The right answer is so obviously 'no', that at this stage my only real interest in the result is analysing the 'yes' vote as a headcount of how many blindly-led party apparatchiks and buffoons who do what politicians tell them to exist in the country.

Anyone who spent anytime actually reading the Lisbon Treaty (no easy task, let me warn you), or the referendum wording, knows that it's got to be turned down. It's dangerous, impenetrable gibberish we're being ordered to sign or else.

There may well be enough simple followers and easily-bullied people in the country to carry a referendum though, which is a depressing thought.

So I've decided I'm not voting. I'm fecking off to Australia until this craic is over. But if Ireland votes in favour of Lisbon, I might just stay there. (That's not a threat intended to sway your vote in either direction, incidentally.)

Remember, whichever way you vote, make sure to make your voice heard. As we say in the Skinner household: Vote early, Vote often!

Right, anyone seen my hat with the dangly corks?


Inforner said...

Permanent sun cream needed there, bath in it everyday. Its a pity u see the United EU as a problem, I see it as a natural progression of federalism expanding it's borders to be honest. It can only bring better trade and cheaper prices for the forseable future, which is much needed at the minute with the rising prices of food etc.

Scotland is a better choice, seem weather as here, less sun and no chance of them signing upto the treaty due to their inherent traits.....selfishness! ; ) lol

Anonymous said...

we in the Netherlands never got a change to vote.

No referendum for us.

im goin tell u how i feel, having been denied a chance to vote.

i feel wrenched, apperently not good enough of a person to give my vote, to eather side.

is a slow burning hunger, knowing that nations as we know will evaporate over time but not having had the power to influence.

for the first time i actually know what ppl in china, former soviet union must feel. totally unsatisfied not by the result but by the means.

i feel left alone, to work for a boss who will never consult me any more. My own ppl did not trust me, a ( reasonably normal person no problems with the law.etc. )

u can still decide if u want to vote.

plz do vote. and do make up your mind.

my vote, a No vote has been taken from me.


Informer said...

Sorry anon, it is about expanding borders and removing power from corrupt killing machines that roll into countries wirth tanks and bombs and steal their oil and then kill their citizens! It is not about how u feel about it, ask the Omagh bomb families how they felt when their perfectly ligitimate Governments planned and bombed their citizens using Informers to listen and enact all what is said by selected targets for a big fuking game that sees the setup target then killed for Freedom of Speech!! I would rather have a bunch of foreigners run this country than the elk that country occupy its floors as they are scum and deserve to have no power at all.

Long live Freedon of Speech.

JC Skinner said...

Freedom of speech begins with the freedom to vote.
A freedom denied to the people of 26 countries in this union.
Let's call this treaty for what it really is - a coup d'etats.

Informer said...

Hitlers dream lives on, can't do it with roads then buy them! New shinny roads and buildings, lowest unemployment and good GDP outputs puts Ireland on the map as the place to be. But when it comes to joining the club fully with all its pitfalls and negatives, oh no I just want the cake sir, not the rest. It ain't gonna happen that way, get on board with the lot or get of at the nearest stop returning loan to the Reichstag....

Anonymous said...

Sorry ment to type 'Hitlers dream lives on, can't do it with war, do it with money' etc. Brain not following fingers...

Anonymous said...

Just over three million Irish voters are registered - in a European Union of 490 million people.

Who givs a fig.

Rua said...

'informer'-I am excercising my freedom of speech to tell you to fuck off! I was in Omagh a half hour before the bomb went off-fuck you-you have no right to speak for the dead. End of story.
Also, what the hell are you talking about? relevance please

JC Skinner said...

Rua - Informer subscribes to the 'conspiracy theory' approach to Irish and European history.
While often such a degree of suspicion is indeed justified, and there are indeed echoes of Nazi united Europe plans in the EU constitution and informers did infiltrate paramilitary groupings in Ireland, in general Informer takes this approach beyond logical conclusions.