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Saturday, October 03, 2009

20% swing in Lisbon vote

So now we have a figure on what proportion of the Irish electorate are easily scaremongered. I suppose the 17 million euro we spent on Lisbon II was worth it to at least find that out.

I hope everyone who made the mistake of voting 'yes to jobs' and 'yes to recovery' noted that not one of the grinning politicians mentioned jobs or recovery in their self-aggrandising speeches today.

That's because Lisbon won't be leading to any jobs or recovery, obviously. The Irish Times business section (about the only bit of the paper worth reading) published a very astute article recently detailing seven reasons why we'll still be bolloxed when the rest of the world is booming again.

The really scarey bit? They didn't even refer to the NAMA black hole that Fianna Fail are cooking up for you and your children to pay for.

Declan Ganley promised to return to the RDS next October with some 'Yes for Jobs' posters and see if the jobs had materialised. He may or may not turn up next October, but you can be sure the jobs definitely won't have.

Another potential plus of this referendum is the Donegal vote. That surely has to undermine Sweary Mary Coughlan. Biffo's government is already on life support, and will face a torrid two days explaining itself over Rody Molloy's golden handshake in the Dail next week.

And then on Saturday, the hobbits will gather to decide what magic beans they'd like to get from Fianna Fail in order to stay in government. And the NAMA banker bailout is yet to come.

So there are a number of potential banana skins there for Biffo. The last thing he needs right now is someone lobbing more of them onto the path in front of him.

He should heed the words of the 'most cunning, most devious of them all', Bertie Ahern, who pinpointed Sweary Mary as a wrong un in his autobiography. He made a mistake in appointing her as Tanaiste, but clearly couldn't resist the culchie coup.

Well, here's his chance to ditch some of the dead weight. Even the meeja think it's time she went. She failed to carry her own county in the referendum. That's a reason the grass roots gombeens will accept for dumping her. It diverts attention from the mistake he made in appointing her in the first place.

On a personal note, I'm inclined to agree with Pearse Doherty (probably a first) in paying tribute to the people of Donegal who were not bullied into doing what the Euro elite wanted.

The rest of the country may have voted to be serfs, but they did not. Fair play, Donegal. Stand tall tonight.


FutureTaoiseach said...

Fair play indeed to Donegal. The true heirs to the legacy of Hugh/Rory O'Donnell. Let's hope the Czech President sends this treaty to constitutional hell where it belongs.

Conan Drumm said...

Curiously, it's as close as we've got to "Ulster says No!"

Missing Neighbour said...

This vote just goes to show how politically immature the Irish are. Every time the government doesn't get its way in a referendum it just re-runs it. What a tired (but successful tactic it is). The Irish are the epitome of how soft bellied, pitiful and frightened the denizens of western civilisation have become. No one has any backbone any more. If it means having to step out their comfort zone at all, they immediately capitulate and do exactly as they are told. I have tried to read this treaty and I have had real trouble trying to understand it. It was written by lawyers for lawyers (who incidentally make up the majority of the legislatures of most western democracies). If these current bunch of thieves and liars are telling you to vote yes for something you don't understand you should vote no on principle. You can guarantee that if it is good for them then it is definitely bad for the majority of the working (and unemployed) public. I wish Irish people would open their eyes (look at the mess you are in. Your grandchildren will still be paying for it) and grow a set of balls for once. I suppose you get the government you deserve and Ireland certainly have that. Very sad indeed.

JC Skinner said...

It should be illegal to hold a second referendum on the same issue within seven years of a previous referendum.
After all, that was the proviso put in place in relation to any referendum in the north on reunification.
If it's good enough for the North not to keep re-voting on the same thing, why does the same rule not apply in the South?