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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cold, skint and depressed

I haven't blogged with particular regularity recently. This is because, as the title states, I'm cold, skint and depressed.

Like most of the country, basically.

Well, like those who aren't actually bankrupt or in hundreds of thousands of negative equity they now owe to the bailed-out banksters.

Or like those who aren't actually flooded out of the homes some gombeen developer built on flood plains with dodgy planning and possibly a brown envelope or two.

Or like those who can't get their operation or healthcare because our minister for Obesity keeps hiking the cost of a prescription or attending A+E.

Equally, I'm not so smug, comfortable, with my African dictator-sized Merc and Garda chauffeur, with my dodgy finances and my millionaire daughters to comfort me, that I'm in a position to advise those complaining about the state of the nation to fuck off and grow bluebells, like Bertie Ahern did.

I'm cold, skint and depressed, and I'm still better off than most. That's how bad this place has become. And it will get worse as Clowen and his cohorts seek to mug us all again in the budget.

Come the Spring, I might well grow some bluebells, in order to bring some much needed colour back into the place.

And then I'm going to Drumcondra to look for a former politician's arse I can ram them up, to stop the corrupt little fucker from speaking out of that particular orifice any further.

Seriously, why isn't he in jail yet?


Face Booker said...

You sound like I feel dude. Calling for Ahern to adorn a cell is not going to happen. Remember we reward those who rape the nation with big pensions and possibly precidencies.

But i hear what you say. I'm also cold and skint. For depression, well thank Nirvana for Prozac.

Keep the faith.


Peter Slattery said...

I wont deny it, I bought an apartment 2 years ago. I was a little naive, but at the time I was earning enough to cover my mortgage, my job was pretty secure, and I couldn't see any reason why not to do it. I've always paid my credit card on time, I've never been in debt, and any loans (car loan) I've taken out has been paid on time. Never has the bank been on my back. But come January, I'm pretty fucked. Mortgage, credit card debt (which I've been using to pay for luxuries like ya know, food) and management fees are adding up, and for the first time in my life, I'm gonna be in debt. Never mind the negative equity I find myself facing thanks to the drop in price of this box I live in.

I don't blame anyone else. Nobody forced a mortgage on me. It was all my decision. But what really really pisses me off is this little cadre at the top of the Irish political system completely screwing this country and then shitting on us from their ivory towers. It's blood-boiling watching this shower of arrogant, out-of-touch idiots continuously run this country into the ground whether it's Nama, the HSE or the frankly disgraceful (lack of) response to the Murphy Report. Their gormlessness and arrogance (watching that ferrett Willie O'Dea on The Week In Politics was jaw-dropping) is shocking.