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Friday, January 22, 2010

Who raped Martin Cullen?

Who raped Martin Cullen?

According to the Minister for Fun and Junkets, media intrusion into his life has been like being raped.

Obviously, no cabinet minister would dare belittle victims of aggravated sexual assault by comparing their suffering to being written about in a paper, so presumably Cullen would only make such a statement if he was genuinely capable of comparing the two experiences.

Hence my question: who raped Martin Cullen?

Because frankly, if he has never been raped, then his statement is a thundering disgrace and a slap of contempt across the face of all victims of rape.

But did anyone ever expect any better from the poison dwarf of this feudal court ruling the country?


Peter Slattery said...

Statements like this are so unbelievably ignorant that it beggars belief. It's like watching some not-funny version of The Thick Of It.

JC Skinner said...

The entire interview is disingenuous and full of ignorance.
Did you read the bit about when the chopper door fell off?
Priceless self-regard, and completely contradicting the facts about the incident as established by Defence.

Ella said...

Yup, and we the Irish electorate voted him in as the Minister of Fun. (okay not me personally but..)

Ignorant, insensitive and they are the sanitised adjectives one would use to describe this individual.