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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Science Minister's brainfart

Only in Ireland, or perhaps, in the buckle of the US bible belt, would a science minister launch a book on why evolution is wrong.

(Here comes the science part - no, it isn't.)

Specious nonsense doesn't begin to account for the superstitious claptrap contained in this tome by some godbotherer called John May.

What's even more nonsensical is that the Minister for Science is launching it.

Kebabs Lenihan has always been the Tweedledumber to Brian's Tweedledum. But now this walking political liability is not only demonstrating uselessness at his job (which one expects from the current cabinet) but downright moronism of the lowest order.

He should have been sacked a long time ago during the GAMA scandal, when he racially slurred migrant workers. He should be sacked now for this brainfart.

But it's testimony to both the void of talent in Fianna Fail and the utter lack of anything resembling ethics or integrity that this oxygen thief will continue in government, wasting more of our time and money spouting crap about 'de knowledge economy' even as he promotes retrograde anti-science falsehoods.

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