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Sunday, October 24, 2010

18% is still 18% too many

What's wrong with our education system when there's still 18% of the population prepared to vote for Fianna Fail after everything they've done to ruin this nation?

I find it tragic that these people, who fuelled the property boom, lined their pockets with junkets and expenses, facilitated tax evasion and had dodgy tax returns themselves, who took bribes for planning decisions, who bailed out their bankster pals at the cost of our children's futures, still somehow attract ANYONE who would vote for them.

It can't be said enough times - this has happened before (late 60s, late 80s) and will happen again until definitive action is taken to remove this cancer from our nation.

It's way past time that the bank bailout was reneged upon. It's not our debt and we shouldn't pay it. And it's even more pressing that the people responsible - the bankers and their pals GO TO JAIL FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

Why have their been no prosecutions? Why are we bailing out these corrupt scumbags? Why is this shameful government still in office when no one wants them there?

Do we have to actually wait for Britain or Europe to annex us entirely, and eradicate the final smouldering remnants of our sovereignty before someone is actually held accountable for their crimes?

Or will the people of Ireland ever stop splaying their buttocks for another round of 'necessary budget cuts' and stand up, pull up their pants and take these fuckers OUT?


Missing Neighbour said...

Lambs to the slaughter. The Irish people need to take their lead from the French and get out onto the streets. This current crisis is like mana from heaven for certain interested parties. It will allow a redistribution of wealth never seen before and all under the auspices of 'necessary evil'. There is a massive re-alignment of wealth going on right under our noses were the economic movers and shakers in our society are ring fencing their fortunes at the expense of the rest of us. They will steal our wages and our pensions. They will make us pay more for energy and they will stealth tax as many things as they can get away with. At the same time as this is happening the very people who caused it all are right at this moment making hand over fist. Central bank lending rates in most EU economies are as low as they have been in an age, yet the commercial banks are lending at hugely inflated rates both to businesses and consumers. The latest travesty has been the Government handing over 4 billion to AIB when they could have bought every AIB share in existence for just over 800 million. Talk about rubbing our faces in it. Please wake up Ireland. This crisis really is about our childrens future but not in the way the Government would have us believe.

JC Skinner said...

Spot on. This is all about a massive transfer of wealth from everyone else to the hyper-rich.
At this point, all we have in our favour are our numbers. It's time we put the fear of God into those benefitting from this man-made crisis by exercising our numbers in our benefit.
The divide and conquer BS seems to be working for them thus far. But surely a time has to come when people realise that we're ALL being screwed by the same small bunch of nasty bastard billionaires?

The Shaved Ape said...

I can't get over how your problems seem to mirror ours. Both of our major political parties spend 20-60% more money than they have, year after year, and now my country is bankrupt.

Every time I turn on the news I hear some pundit bragging about how the USA "is the richest country in the world."

It once was, but we are deficit spending and bailing out failed financial institutions and it's destroying us.

As in Ireland, We The People vote for the dickwads who are making all the bad decisions, so who should we really blame?

JC Skinner said...

When your voting choice is between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber, it becomes tempting not to bother, I admit.