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Monday, January 22, 2007

Collusion - the proof

Hot on the heels of the recent independent international panel report into 76 deaths in the 1970s, now we have Northern Ireland's Police Ombudsman report into collusion.

Thank you, Nuala O'Loan for your brave and comprehensive report into the biggest scandal of the entire 'Troubles' period.

It is now incontrovertible that the state's police and security services routinely colluded with Loyalist gunmen in order to bring about the murder of Catholic citizens of Northern Ireland.

No doubt the Paisleyites will be suddenly silenced, as they always are when evidence of the wrongdoings committed against the Catholic community of the six counties are highlighted.

But with the DUP's eternal ranting about murderers and terrorism, with the UUP's continuing demands for Nationalists to ally themselves to and offer respect for the organs of state control, surely now is the time for both of those parties to stand up and loudly state that they condemn utterly the activities which saw those state organs take part in the murder of innocent citizens?

Well, Ian? Well, Reg? A single condemnation will do. Though of course, it would be even better if you could convince those members of your electorate who refused to talk to Nuala O'Loan, likely due to their own guilt, to come forward and reveal the full extent of their complicity with Loyalist death squads.

A few arrests wouldn't go amiss either. There are former RUC officers who, we now know from two reports, were involved in plotting the killing of innocent civilians, yet they live in comfortable retirement paid for by the taxpayer out of their extensive pensions.

They could be released after a token sentence under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement if necessary.

But if the Unionist parties really want to convince anyone that they really do stand by justice and against terrorism, now is the time for them to step up to the plate and do so, unequivocally.

Bertie Ahern, a man usually known for saying nothing in a thousand words, has been refreshingly clear in his response to this report. I await the response of Tony Blair with interest. But not as much interest as I await Paisley's and Empey's responses.

Update: Tony Blair didn't see fit to comment himself, instead leaving it up to an unnamed mouthpiece to make the following statement:

"This is a deeply disturbing report about events which were totally wrong and which should never have happened. The fact that they did is a matter for profound regret, and the prime minister shares that regret. But this is also a report about the past, and what is important now is that, under the new structures introduced along with the formation of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, these events could not happen now."

Hugh Orde and Peter Hain appear to be towing the same line of 'it couldn't happen now.' Surely the point is that it happened THEN? Despite repeated denials from all the same sources now wringing their hands and seeking solace in recent change, these death occurred in the Nineties, some less than a decade ago.

I do very much welcome Hain's statement that he wants to see those involved arrested though:

"There are all sorts of opportunities for prosecutions to follow," said the direct rule Secretary of State. "The fact that some retired police officers obstructed the investigation and refused to cooperate with the police ombudsman is very serious in itself."

Well, feel free to start with the group of former Special Branch officers quoted in The Guardian as saying they had "nothing to be ashamed of', Peter.

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Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that they setup and managed terrorist groups in N.Ireland. Wait till the families off Sands and the other victims off the troubles hear the real truth, that they used their bodies to build a foundation for peace in the North. The perpetual social engineering course off befriending, criminalising, indoctrinating and then finally killing the victims off either hero's or villain. Now start focusing on the so called Republican Informers currently living in North Belfast Antrim Road!!

JC Skinner said...

Anonymous, I'm very loathe to leave comments from people who refuse to identify themselves.
Also, the allegations you make appear to be unsubstantiated and better directed to authorities equipped to address them.
Your post will stay for two hours for you to add an identity to your post, or else it will be removed.

Anonymous said...

Name: Freedom of Speach party.

Sorry have to take the fifth on this one. My handlers would get annoyed.

mellobiafra said...

Surely "Freedom off Speach Party!"


JC Skinner said...

Fair enough, 'Freedom of Speach [sic] party'. Could you do me the favour of posting comments in future under that nick so that they can be separated from other anonymous posts?
That way, I will know to preserve your posts as those of a regular poster rather than delete what would otherwise seem to be random off-topic anonymous rants.

Martin McGartland said...

My speeling is bad, but thats what they like, don't they? The handlers! Boneheads to mutilate the social fabric off the country so as people will fear sleeping in their beds at night; also blacken the different groups involved in the conflict by using phsycopaths as so called informers. And don't forget the army informers, a few off them were found along the border too....but then it now seems they weren't informers now....hmmm?

Austrailian Twist said...

Just to mention, the couple in the video do not realise they are on the Net yet, maybe the girls dad would be real annoyed when he gets out off the slammer for assault & battery of a so called TOUT on the falls road. We will always be watching and adapting to new ways to hit back, either with dirty tricks like this. Long live freedom OFF speach.....

mellobiafra said...

Who says "Crime Doesn't Pay?"

Sure does if you work for the Branch!

Wonder where you get the application forms...I don't recall seeing them during my last visit to Gloucester House!

JC Skinner said...

Sorry, Mello. You're not Polish enough to apply.

Anonymous said...

To get into the branch, you need a history of persecution for your beliefs, i.e. your family attacked physically and mentally, your name entered onto the database off victims to be by snakes in the ground scum and finally villain status when you do your first 'Genetically inferior victim'. After that you are spirited away after your reign off terror is complete and outed by another victim off course! They were the old days, now under ORDE, they leave you to face the victims off your vicious crimes and you pray they never let you out off jail...