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Monday, January 28, 2008

Man on the moon?

Everyone is entitled to believe one crazy conspiracy theory.

Human minds being what they are, discerning patterns among unrelated events is both the reason we rose above the other great apes to the level of civilisation and the reason paranoia is endemic.

Hence the popularity of clearly mental propositions, whether they be the Zionist one-world government, the secret bloodline of Jesus, the CIA took out the twin towers on 9/11, or my personal favourite, the faked moon landing.

Now, being by nature too lazy to research the facts about dubious issues, I am happy in my ignorance over whether man ever did make it to the nearest satellite or not. Suffice to say, that in my lifetime precious little advancement in space travel has occurred.

So either NASA hit a wall pretty quick in terms of what's technologically possible, or they faked their early successes in order to get one over on the Russkies. Since whatever factual records exist are edited, or classified, or possibly faked, it's hard to know for sure.

Certainly, the issues over lighting in the moon landing footage, and the inability of satellites to discover where the original landing site is today, do raise a few concerns. But let's face it, none of this particularly matters in (and on) a world suffering so many wars, famines, corruption and atrocities as the one we inhabit.

There are other things to get upset about, you know.

Like the Jews running the world with the shape-shifting lizards, who got the Vatican-controlled CIA to blow up New York and blame it on the ragheads because otherwise people would find out about Jesus's children, for example.

The moon landings, fiction or fact, don't rate highly in terms of contemporary relevance, I'd argue.

But you'd think that NASA, conscious that there are people out there who doubt everything they've ever claimed to have done, would be sensitive to anything that would imply it was all a big game.

Apparently not. The defunct Multideath Corporation, so defunct in fact that they never got to funk at all, has drawn my attention to NASA's latest project: they're looking to team up with a computer games firm and create an educational online game about space travel.

So NASA intend to go up against the World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings online and all those other outlets for net-enabled nerds with too much time and not enough social life.

Fair enough, one thinks. A little bit harsh on the games companies who will have to compete against the US government in their own market, but if this is where NASA are going, so be it.

But it does leave me wondering why they're ploughing US tax dollars into creating games software, designed to allow people to pretend they've visited the moon when they haven't left their unkempt bedrooms. Unless, of course, NASA have a special expertise in this area.

Is this a prelude to NASA admitting that they've been spunking tax dollars on fantasy space travel for the past fifty years?

Just a thought. A crazy, paranoid conspiracy theory thought. But we're all entitled to one.

P.S. Seems like Fred Reed agrees too. I'm becoming worried at how many opinions I find I'm sharing with a notoriously unhinged, former 'Soldier of Fortune' staffer.


mellobiafra said...

The Multideathcorp is still alive, just, but in a rather extended and expensive phase of development...I outsourced it to a leading management consultancy firm, this is the 21st century after all! Can't have promises being delivered, on time and under budget can we? But like other outsourced success stories, the NHS programme for IT, the Olympic Consortium, the Bloody Sunday Tribunal, it requires a great deal of executive management genius to provide relief to the weary tax-payer,i.e. relieving them of all the hard-earned dosh they've contributed!

They tell me that when it eventually does arrive it will be worth waiting for! Currently I'm still only a year behind schedule and six times over budget, so I wouldn't be holding my breath in the immediate future!

But regarding Nasa's somewhat strange decison to become an Entertainment Provider as opposed to a Centre of Excellence for Astrophysics and Space Exploration...well, I guess it doesn't take a Masters in Business to figure out that with the US economy melting down and their Gibbon of a President throwing good money away to save face, somebody's federal budgets are gonna get cut...and who's always first in line for the slash?

Sadly this is also happening in this side of the Atlantic...


I'm just praying the stock market really crashes and burns and the profiteering management consultant scum find themselves down in the job centre, forced on to an employment scheme they devised, working for peanuts to get a McDiploma in Burger Science so they can get a derisory state benefit!

JC Skinner said...

Don't start me on the McQualifications.
Oh, all right then. I'd like a diploma with extra cheese and a large coke, thanks.

Missing Neighbour said...

It makes me sick. It's fucking bad enough that you can't get away from their corporate brain washing on TV, billboards, radio, print and video games. Now they have the fucking cheek to enter into the hallowed halls of education (once the bastion of free thought and radical ideas). I know this sort of shit has been happening for ages in America but this is Europe and those evil corporate flat heads can go and fuck themselves. As soon as you start introducing private money into certain areas (Education, health, utilities and public transport) the water gets muddy very quickly and before you know it the money is going to ‘Share holders’ instead. I knew these education academies were the thin edge of the wedge. These cunts can't help themselves they really do want to control every aspect of our lives. I think the definition of 'Education' has got lost somewhere along the line. Look at the state of the place. All we seem to be doing is churning out row upon row of small minded, designer clothes wearing, Bebo watching cretins, who are only good for working in a fucking cubicle, commuting 4 hours a day and smiling whilst their civil liberties are eroded day by day and their pensions a nicked from beneath their arses. Wake up world please!

JC Skinner said...

Missing Neighbour, I think you need to meet Fred Reed. www.fredoneverything.com.