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Monday, January 14, 2008

Poor Liverpool

First they have to share their European City of Culture status with some frozen Norwegian village.

Then it emerges that the arsehole Americans who bought Liverpool FC have been attempting to remove Rafa Benitez from his job and replace him with former Olympic diver Jurgen Klinsmann.

This is beyond tragic.

Thankfully, Rafa kept winning long enough for the blond bombshell to look elsewhere and he will now be mismanaging Bayern next season instead, thank fuck.

It seems that the Arab consortium which wanted to buy LFC last year, but were beaten to the deal by the Yanks, are still interested. Fantastic. Let's all pray to Allah that the Americans sell out to them and fuck off ASAP.

Hicks and Gillett - you are no longer welcome at Anfield. You do not understand this sport, or this club. You have over-indebted yourself for this ego-trip at our expense. Do not dare lumber LFC with the financial mistakes you have made. And do not dare sack Rafael Benitez.

Please sell up to the Arabs, who at least are proper fans, and vanish back across the Atlantic now.

You're not fucking welcome.


Flirty Something said...

you forgot about Ringo Star, launching their year of culture!

Rua said...

"You'll never walk alone" is better suited to Islamic Jihad than capitalism-the Arabs, at least, understand what we're all about. Fuck off gillette, mach 4 was dissapointing

Anonymous said...

Pity the LPool players could not buy the club themselves with the wages there on and make Gerard the chairman. There is no way they would dump Rafa because of a bad season!

JC Skinner said...

Yeah, fair play to Ringo. Only two people got shot in Scouseland on the night of the culture year launch. That's about six less than normal for a weekend night in January.
Rua: Dunno that these Arabs are the jihadi types, to be honest. They seem more the oil magnate, Harrods owning, hookers and coke in private jets kind of Arabs to me.
Not that I am an expert in all things Arabic, you understand.

Gombeen Man said...

Could be worse... you could be a Leeds fan like me!!!!

JC Skinner said...

God love you Gombeen. I've been to Elland Road. No one deserves that pain that Leeds fans have suffered in the past decade.