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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chinese soldiers murder Tibetans

Earlier today, a member of the Chinese embassy in London lied in an interview with Sky News.

He said that Chinese soldiers had killed none of the Tibetans protesting in Lhasa and throughout Tibet currently.

This is not true. Here's the proof. Sorry if you find this disturbing, but state-sponsored genocide usually is:

Those are the corpses of Tibetan protesters in Lhasa shot dead by Chinese soldiers. And below, you can see the nature of the military invasion currently underway in Tibet:

Genocide is under way. Cultural genocide, but also actual genocide of the populace. Hundreds are dead already.

The Chinese do not want the world to witness this atrocity, so they are expelling all foreigners from Tibet.

Don't let them murder a nation. Boycott the genocide Olympics in Beijing. Visit the Free Tibet campaign.

And please write to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern, via the departmental website and ask what your government is doing to protest against the Chinese murder of the people of Tibet.

1 comment:

Charles H. Harpole said...

China's leaders today and yesterday are murderers. Fact. Let's think: if China is so proud of what they have done in Tibet, why not invite world journalists and regular people fully to see all the "great improvements" and speak freely and in confidence with real Tibetans.
Chinese are cowards, vile slime, makers of genocide (words fail in the face of such huge evil). Cowards torture, cowards shoot innocent people.
But, in China, the state is the only religion and, because that religion is so evil, people have to be forced or brainwashed to believe in it.