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Friday, March 28, 2008

Feminism V Multiculturalism

In a deathmatch, which would win?

Only kidding.

Here's a question that's concerned me for some time, though.

Given that 65-70% of rape on white women in Scandinavia are committed by Muslim men, who make up around 5% of the population ...

And given that a majority of all rape of white women in America is by ethnic minorities, who in total make up only 32% of the population ...

(especially black men, who commit one third of the rapes, despite making up only 12% of the population) ...

... is feminism, or at least the privileged white Western feminism that's primarily concerned with white Western womens' interests, on a collision course with multiculturalism?

Obviously not. But why not?

Feminism in the West generally shows precious little concern for the really important issues globally. Women go without the vote, go without being allowed out of the family home, go without being allowed to drive a car, go without all sorts of basic rights in all sorts of countries around the globe.

But these things affect black and brown women, not white Western women.

You wouldn't know they affected anyone if you listened to most Western feminists. Once you get past the 'all men are rapists' nonsense, you're generally left with handwringing about being fat, or shrill demands for more taxpayer funded childcare. White western women's interests.

But the colour factor in rape is one issue that they don't ever acknowledge. Because there is a simple, though unpalatable fact at the heart of it.

If white Western women could take one simple precaution to protect themselves from rape, it would be to avoid the company of ethnic minority men, especially Muslims and Black men.

If feminism really cared about the needs of white Western women, maybe this should be on the agenda somewhere.

The multicultural experiment is predicated on the assumption that when cultures mingle, everyone benefits. These concerning statistics indicate, that at least in terms of sexual predation, white women are not benefiting from multiculturalism.

When liberalisms clash, it's never pretty. That's why it never happens. That's why it gets brushed under the carpet.

I bet you never heard a feminist refer to the colour or ethnicity of rapists. And I bet you never heard a multicultural theorist acknowledge the problem of rape by ethnic minorities either.

Now, I don't know why ethnic minorities are raping white women so much. It may be that, as disenfranchised people, some seek a semblance of power through sexual predation. But that's just a theory I heard. I simply don't know why it happens.

However, it's not because ethnic minorities are more sexually violent by nature, because they're not. Perhaps some feminist could examine this and come up with a better theory? Perhaps some multicultural theorist could research it and find some conclusions that could help reverse this appalling trend?

I won't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...
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JC Skinner said...

Actually, I do.
And I've never sought the taxpayer to pay for my child's care.
My point in any case is that the concerns of white western women are of primary importance to the feminist movement, yet this particular phenomenon never gets a mention.
I wonder why?

Anonymous said...
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JC Skinner said...

Do you know what, Anon? I'm sorely tempted to simply delete repeated anonymous moaning about state-sponsored childcare as an entirely irrelevant response to this post.
So that's what I'm going to do.
If you want to make your point, give your name.
Or else comment on the substance of the post and not your own personal whinges.

Informer said...

I suppose if this is the case that disenfrachised parts of male society take it to hit back at the white dominant male society, they attack the easier target, off that which is women. Just a thought.
I found this article thought provoking, and also wish to make a point about small men in statue at birth. should we be tackling suicide at an early age by giving small babies and young men Serotonin injections to stem of the terrible disease of Suicide?

Anonymous said...

going off what informer said...

i think you've completely missed the point. white-women staying away from minority men isn't going to solve anything. it's like treating the symptoms but never curing the disease. what needs to be looked as is the construction of race and gender in society as a whole. taking a step back and looking at the oppression of the mentioned minority groups might do something a little more constructive then just feeding the fire by suggesting heightened racism. Crime is often a result of disenfranchisement, and is NOT a racial symptom (as race is NOT biological and ONLY a social construction). Anyway, I just think it'd be more helpful to look at WHY these crimes are being committed against white women, and why there are higher crime rates in subjugated minority groups.

also- rape and race in america is a LONG historical issue which can't be summed up by numbers. how many stories of "it was a BLACK man" have been told in the South throughout the decades that were proven to be unfounded? black men have been very easy targets for a very long time (this is not to say that all rape reports are fabricated). the black man-white woman rape story has been complicated for ages...so don't even begin to think that statistics are going to inform you of much of anything without looking at it in context.

- an african-american sociologist

Button Ginger said...

Race is not biological? Who are you kidding "african-american sociologist"?

Nationality is not biological, that is a totally human construct, but race is.

Let's face it, nations are created by drawing arbitrary lines in the dirt around the bits you want and mustering enough like minded people to defend it.

People are discriminated against partly because of what they look like and race plays a HUGE part in that.

In answer to JC Skinners question - I have to agree with him - the feminist movement grew up in the predominantly white Western world and so addressed the needs of white Western women first.

Now their fight is mainly over and so, like many causes, the "I'm Alright Jack" culture takes over.

You can imagine - Yes, genital mutilation is horrible but it doesn't happen to me so I can forget about it.

Yes, forced marriage, death in childbirth, AIDS wiping out whole families, routine rape and domestic imprisonment are all awful things but I'm late for work, so if you'll excuse me.....

There have been two British stories recently which, if true, will bring the whole "why is feminism just dealing with white issues?" thing forward into the debating arena.

Some BME groups are blaming "multiculturism" with the failure to deal with young (often underage) white girls in deprived areas of the country being groomed and pimped by ethnic gangs - apparently police are so fearful of being called racist (the "Is it 'cuz I is black?" Ali G defence) that there has been a decline in conviction rates for those who pimp underage girls.

The second is the somewhat ludicrous story of the Southall Black Sisters organisation who may lose funding because of the accusation that by specialising in cases of black and ethnic minority women, they are discriminating against white women and are therefore not working in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Act.

The fact that many of the "normal" agencies who deal with domestic violence don't have an understanding of black and Asian cultures so they are effectively discriminating against Black and Asian women doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone.

I can only approach this from a British perspective - but class, education, upbringing, cultural background, criminal behaviour, race, ... these all play a factor in this issue.

There is no simple answer to anything - it's not simply race

JC Skinner said...

I'd like to thank both of you for your thoughtful comments.
To address African-American sociologist first: I'm aware of the history of race and rape in the United States. Are you suggesting a revenge motif in these present day crimes?
I didn't miss any point. I merely pointed up a juncture where multiculturalism and feminism collide. It's a juncture neither seem to wish to discuss or address, and that confuses me.
To be honest, I think it's more important to prevent the crimes than find out why they're happening. But of course the one might lead to the other.
If you've any suggestions in relation to why they're happening, I'm keen to hear them. That's why I opened this debate.
@Ginger: I have to agree with nearly everything you said. There is an almost total lack of provision for ethnic minorities in Britain and in Ireland in relation to domestic violence and sexual assault. That's a problem for sure. It's a different problem to the one I highlighted though.
You are correct in relation to the 'fear of racism' response of not only police but also the media. Channel Four pulled a documentary about white girls in Bradford being sexually groomed and abused by Muslims because they were accused of having a racist agenda. Which is sort of bizarre, because Channel Four is the most inclusive television network I can thing of.
I'm glad that someone else agrees with me that Western feminism is almost entirely concerned with the desires (they are no longer dealing in needs) of white western women.
All the issues you mention are issues I hear NGOs speak of, but never feminists. Are the women of Africa and Asia considered to be merely the remit of charities now?
It would seem to me that feminism could do much to redeem itself by addressing two ends of the spectrum here - the needs, and they are needs, of women outside the European/American bubble of affluence, but also the issue I raised of the sexual predation upon white women within that bubble.