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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Department of stupid scientific research

There's always plenty of fresh product from the Department of stupid scientific research.

So widespread are studies into the bleeding obvious or the mind-bogglingly stupid that barely a week goes by without someone rolling their eyes in print at the latest research proving birds don't have bird-brains, or how teaspoons in the office go missing.

I don't really want to add to the plethora of print and posts sneering at scientific stupidity, as I think a lot of scientific research actually is useful and because I don't need to sneer at a scientific study in order to make myself feel smart.

But I did want to point out one small flaw, as I perceive it, in relation to this otherwise apparently useful piece of research into the effects of breast-feeding on the intelligence of newborn children.

If you're going to do a large study into the health of young children, don't do it in the most irradiated country on Earth, please? The results may not be replicated in countries without a major nuclear accident irradiating the nation in the past generation.


Informer said...

To really poor water over this study, you just have to look into Memetics currently being rolled out by the smart people at the moment. It lays waste to many of these useless studies currently on the go. I wont try and explain it, just leave it to your readers to learn up on it themselves, but it does basically say that we live in a fishbowl and the constant rubbing together of culture and race will eventually lead to a smart strong controlling race of facists that will rule the world. Basically we are taking a few thousands years to get there, but the scientists and their discoveries are helping the jump to this point! (just look at every mind blowing scientific discovery over the centuries, from Galileo to Marconi, there has followed a revolution...check timelines etc).

Seems nobody is biting my apple at the minute, but I will get there! ; )

Informer said...

Poor = Pour hesus, my typing is sh&^e!!