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Saturday, May 03, 2008

How to boycott the genocide olympics

Here is where you can find the complete roll of shame - the list of corporate donors and contributors to the Genocide Olympics in Beijing.

To assist people in boycotting the services and products of those firms seeking to promote themselves at the expense of the liberty of Tibetans, the democracy of the Burmese, the hunger of the North Koreans and the right to life of refugees in Darfur, I've listed below their rivals who you can use intead:

Scumbag Sponsor Firm - Rival Firm you can use instead

Coca-Cola - Pepsi (or better still, avoid tooth-rotting cola)
ATOS Origin - Literally thousands of alternative firms
General Electric - Thousands of rivals depending on sector
Johnson and Johnson - Body Shop (or use natural/artisan products)
Kodak - Nikon for cameras, Lexmark for printers
Lenovo - Dell, Acer, HP all do better PCs anyway
Manulife - Thousands of financial and insurance firms
McDonalds - Burger King (or better still, eat healthy)
Omega - Rolex, Timex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, etc, etc.
Panasonic - Sony, LG, Pioneer, Phillips, etc.
Samsung - Sony, LG, Pioneer, Phillips, etc.
Visa - Mastercard, Amex.
Volkswagen - Ford, Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, etc.
Adidas - Gola, Nike (though they've a poor history too)
UPS - Fed-ex, DHL
Haier - Whirlpool, Siemens, etc.
Budweiser, TsingTao, Yanjing beers - Drink your local beer
BHP Billiton - BP, Shell, various metal processors
Great Wall Wine (It's truly muck) - Something tasty from France, Italy, Oz, etc.
Beifa Pens - Scheaffer, Cross, Parker, etc.
Schenker Logistics - Bax, DHL, Fed-ex, Geologistics, etc.
Technogym - Nautilus, Oemmebi, Weider, Weslo, York, etc.

Don't forget the Scumbag Suppliers too:

Education First - Study somewhere else instead of China
Der Floor - Respol, Hytech, Premfloor etc.
Liby - Daz, Tide, Total, Lenor, etc.
Price Waterhouse Coopers - KPMG, Ernst and Young, Deloitte and Touche

By the way, don't forget to also boycott subsidiaries. For example, Volkswagen also own Audi, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Seat. So don't just boycott the leading brand, boycott ALL the firm's output.

A simple background check of any of the firms above online, especially via wikipedia, should reveal a list of their subsidiaries.

Do let firms know that you're boycotting them and why. How can corporate scumbags be expected to learn if we don't tell them why we're withholding our custom?

Happy boycotting!


Anonymous said...

Boycott the many hundreds of Chinese around the world, that will send a bigger message too.

JC Skinner said...

People of Chinese extraction in countries around the world, nor even Chinese citizens and ex-pats in other countries, are not responsible for the actions of their government, any more than I am for the actions of my government or you are for the actions of your, Anon.
Blame the people who deserve the blame - the Chinese Communist Party and those who are bankrolling them, by funding their genocide olympics.

Twenty Major said...

Next time a Chinese person tries to serve me in a bar I'm going to boycott paying them.

JC Skinner said...

But you have short arms and deep pockets, 20. I've yet to see you stump up for a round no matter what nationality the barman was!
You tried that one on with Ron, I wonder?

Rua said...

You see, I'm one of the few people who's delighted that the Olypmics are going to China. If they weren't we wouldn't even be having this debate-hence-result(albeit a minor one)
International pressure does not apply to that which is not on the agenda, bring on the genocide Olympics! Chinas opening up her doors to a flood of hungry documentary makers who are gonna be churning out 'shock tv' for months afterwards.
Also, the mere prescence of loads of foreigners may give hope, or even entertain the posibility of change amongst the local populace

JC Skinner said...

No,you can't provide a fucking link to the fucking genocide olympics, you PRC communist party apparatchik cheerleading cunt.
Now fuck off away from my blog and go implement democracy, human rights and Tibetan independence, you totalitarian cunt.