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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Budget carnage

Did you enjoy your decade of gombeen government?

I hope you did, because the bill just arrived:

1% 'levy' on all earnings.
2% over 100K.
HSE middle management axed; review of public service to find more job cuts.
Decentralisation paused till 2011.
8c a litre on petrol, 50c on pack of fags, 50c on bottle of wine.
'Review' of pension reserve fund (he's going to raid it later.)
Dublin Metro on pause.
Over 70s med card axed for those who don't qualify - but they'll get a 400 euro donation towards med costs in its place.
Capital gains tax up.
10 euro tax on airport departures, 2 euro for 'shorter' journeys.
Tax on second homes and let homes, but not on homes for sale but not sold (got to look after those poor builders).
Child benefit halved for 18 year olds, and to be scrapped in a couple of years.

When your next pay cheque arrives, notably lighter than before, remember who to blame. You'll get a chance to have your say next year, when the local government elections come around.

(Pic shamelessly nicked from the geniuses at The Irish Sentinel)


Peter Slattery said...

Look at the state of Cowen in that photo. He looks like a Jim Henson puppet. Well, we're crapped on yet again. Brilliant. May as well sell the car. With my now shitty pay package and the hike in petrol prices, it's as good as useless anyway.

JC Skinner said...

The phrase you're looking for is 'muppet', Peter.
And don't they all look like someone crafted them out of sofa filling and cloth?
Why not get one of the free bikes the Greens managed to shoehorn into the budget, Peter?
A free grand to buy a bike. That'll keep the bike shops in business for decades.
I wonder are the Greens in hock to the bike manufacturers in the same way Zanu-FF are to the developers.

Peter Slattery said...

I already have a bike. But they could give me a cheque for €1000 and I'll use it to fill the tank on my car. Which I need. To see my family.

And the Greens can literally go fuck themselves. I voted for one or two of those useless gits in the last election hoping that they may actually make a difference if they got into the Dail. More fool me. They're just filler. John Gormley cashed in the spine he seemed to have when he confronted McDowell in order for a place in the cabinet.

JC Skinner said...

They're FF mudguards, nothing more and nothing else.
Hopefully they will reap the rewards of such activities, just as the PDs have done already.

Rua said...

Lovely, just when my payslip was starting to look like something other than a bad joke. I suppose they'll be charging me for the stamp, ink and paper next.

50c on wine? ooh, that'll stick it to the middle classes! Thats just irritating, drinking 7e piss is just that little bit more deppressing when its 7.50