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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Taoiseach has no clothes

I called the Gardai to ask, in the light of their raid on the offices of Today FM, how many man hours had so far been expended on investigating the non-crime of placing pictures in galleries.
They said they couldn't tell me because the investigation is 'ongoing'. I asked what crime they were investigating, and they said they were unable to tell me. Go figure!

This country gets more and more GUBU by the day.

Yesterday, it emerged that some genius had not only painted passable portraits of Brian Cowen in his birthday suit, but had also smuggled them into the National Gallery and the RHA gallery and then hung them on the walls!

As a form of peaceful protest, highlighting how Cowen is full of shit and how the emperor has no clothes, it was a fantastic act altogether and highly successful, given the media coverage it received.

You'd think those in power might note the message being conveyed. But no. Instead, they responded like the Soviet politburo of old, who brooked no criticism of the glorious leader no matter how mild.

The Gardai were called, and are seeking the guerrilla artist with the intent, no doubt, of sending him off to the gulag for 're-education.'

And now the national broadcaster has been forced by Zanu-FF to air a grovelling apology to the Taoiseach and his family (just how are they affected by a painting, may I ask?)

In reality, of course, it is Brian Cowen who should be apologising to everyone of us. Clearly there is no limit to the hubris, arrogance and puffed up self-importance of the government.

Perhaps they need more reminders that in fact they are not the statesmen they imagine in their heads, but are in fact a corrupt little cabal of one-time teachers, housewives, rural solicitors and the like who lucked out by either inheriting Daddy's rotten borough or else glad handing the right backers.

Some talented individual out there took time and effort to make a witty and genuine criticism of our political leaders and now the thought police are out searching for them while those in power seek to silence all such criticism.

If ever proof of the artist's thesis was required, that is it. They ARE full of shit. And the Emperor DOES have no clothes.

(And RTE remain the spineless lapdogs they always have been, needless to add.)


Peter Slattery said...

Fantastic! We need more acts of dissent like this. And what in the hell are RTE apologising for? I know they're the Joseph Goebbels for the government, but surely they don't feel the need to apologise for someone else's activities. Not that a painting requires an apology. Bunch of spineless yes-men.

Rua said...

They're protecting their budget whilst simultaneously giving the story a little bit more wind. A compromise an independent broadcaster wouldn't have to make, doubtless one TV3 simply don't have the wit to make

Ella said...

RTE News is supposed to report news? Right? So why apologise for doing so?

Anonymous said...

"They're protecting their budget whilst simultaneously giving the story a little bit more wind." While this is true (sort of), the stronger message they gave out is that the Government can step in now and decide what should and shouldn't be televised about the Government. And in a democracy that can't be allowed to happen.