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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hate drunks

I don't mind tipsy people. Or merry people.

I don't mind people who enjoy a glass or two of wine with dinner.

I actively seek out the company of people who appreciate the virtues of a good whiskey.

I don't mind people who go out for a few pints once or twice a week.

I DO mind people who have destructive drinking habits, who cause rows or violence when drunk, who fail to accept that their drinking is problematic, who end up in A+E with self-inflicted injuries, who drink unhealthy volumes on an almost daily basis, often on their own.

I mind the arguments and hurt they cause, the vomit they produce, their unreasonability, the stink of alcohol on their breath, their red, rolling eyes, their slurred speech, their failure to see the harm their dysfunctional drinking causes.

If we were starting over with our drug laws, we'd probably ban alcohol. Which from my point of view would be sad, because I genuinely do appreciate a good whiskey, a fresh artisan beer, a carefully distilled gin, a finely matured wine.

But I think I'd actually accept prohibition of alcohol if I could be sure it would rid our world of 100% of arsehole drunks. It wouldn't of course, because prohibition doesn't work.

So I guess we're stuck with the drunks and their fucking up. Presumably they're all someones sons (or daughters.) Probably they were all decent skins once before their drinking got out of hand. Or maybe not.

I don't care. They're a pain in the arse and they are conduits of misery, spreading it like a cold in November among everyone else.

I fucking hate drunks.


Rua said...

been out in temple bar recently then?

JC Skinner said...

Phibsboro actually. And Belfast.
But it's everywhere really. On this island anyway.
When will we grow up about drink, do you think?
Will we ever?

Sweary said...

Ah, I dunno.

Perhaps I'm being a bit bleeding-heart about it, but what kind of emotional state to you have to be in to destroy yourself like that? No one becomes a drunk for the fun of it.

Mind you, I'm just generalising there. Point me in the direction of a drunk I actually no and I'll put my disgusted face on and tell you what a tosser they are.

Peter Slattery said...

Moderation seems to be an archaic concept. Although, even on those rare occasions where I get locked, I still somehow know when enough is enough.

Ella said...

Hi JC, the definition of an alcoholic is somebody who drinks more than you!?!

Seriously though, alcoholism destroys people.

JC Skinner said...

I thought the definition of an alcoholic was someone who drinks more than their GP!
Of course, it does indeed destroy their lives. I do have a modicum of sympathy, as they're afflicted with an addiction.
But at the same time, I've zero tolerance for drunks, and not all drunks are alcoholics.
And suffering an addiction is still no excuse for spreading misery, piss, vomit and violence around the place.

Rua, said...

Jokes aside, I actually do blame the high price of drink. I've got a post brewing on the subject. May take a few weeks to get round to writing anything down though

Ella said...

"I thought the definition of an alcoholic was someone who drinks more than their GP!"

Can't be that definition, I mean most people who drink too much, know they so and therefore avoid going to the GP.

JC Skinner said...

Ella, that definition is a fairly old gag, usually told by doctors, aimed at pointing out that GPs themselves are fond of drinking more than is good for them.

Anonymous said...

I remember a thursday being told of these students who had a mad night and one of them took a schelp at that Mike Tyson. You know Mike Tyson dont you?

5' 5" woman from Yorkshire?

We have both the Anglo-Saxon* drink until you puke culture and the european attitudes here. It is the drink until you puke one that causes trouble.

Back in suckland (the town outside Jordanstown) one student hit a barmaid a couple of times. He was punished by being moved into the halls of residence so that when he did this again in the Student Union the door staff there delivered a physical warning that this behaviour was unacceptable.

Back in Jordanstown (the polytechnic outside suckland) a student let off a fire extinguisher in the halls of residence. He was expelled.

Moral of the story. It is zany to attack people but wrong to attack inanimate objects. And academics have a serious contempt for people living in the real world.

*I would ahve used a more descriptive term if I could have thought of one but you know what I mean

Anonymous said...

pingsta deserves to be a word in the English language and not just a collection of letters for a captcha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah i hate drunks also! All they care about is drinking and how fast or how much they can consume or how long they can stay drunk. Whats the pride or honor do they see in that.Plus dunks are some of the most retarded people on the planet. Ever try to talk sense into a drunk? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

Eduard said...

I agree with you 100%. I grew up in a family where my parents drank, and I started drinking often by myself at around 16. When I was old enough to go to bars, and saw people who wanted to drink just to get drunk, I wanted to beat them. I stopped drinking a whole lot less after that and its highly unlikely that you'll see me drunk. I'm 23 now and haven't touched alcohol in the past year now, but I do want to say I hate drunks too.

ceejaay said...

I hate fucking drunks too!! They always have some sort of sad story as an excuse for drinking.. here's a thought, Get some help! no one wants to hear you cry! we all have our fucking problems in life. your happiness is in your hands. if you don't care no one will.