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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recycling: some questions

I went to a dump in Belfast, and dumped some wood. I had a pane of glass too.

There being no place to dump glass (only bottles) I asked the lad where he wanted it.

"Glass? That goes in soft furnishings," he said.


A few months back, I went to a dump in Dublin and dumped some gardening waste.

I was charged money for the privilege of doing so.

And they wonder why people fly-tip like tinkers in the Republic.

So my questions are fairly simple: why isn't using recycling centres free in the Republic in order to encourage people to USE the damn places instead of fly-tipping sites of natural beauty in the middle of the night?

And if glass counts as soft furnishings, how efficient is recycling anyway?

1 comment:

Random Joe said...

I was in some place over in England a while back where Junk was re arranged and re sold at discount prices. That's a good system I think, not everything needs to go in landfill.