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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Truth

Congratulations to Michael O'Brien for telling the truth to the world last night.

A Fianna Fail minister was told in 1955 about the abuse in these schools and did nothing. And Fianna Fail kept assisting the church to cover it up and avoid its responsibilities for decades.

Even after the truth first emerged, they sent battalions of lawyers in to the Laffoy tribunal to browbeat victims of rape and sodomy. They obstructed Justice Laffoy to such an extent that she quit the tribunal in disgust. They indemnified the Church from paying compensation for their many crimes.

Fianna Fail are complicit in the mass rape and abuse of children for nearly half a century, and are still on the side of the rapists and not the victims.

Let's not forget the truth.


Colm said...

By God JC, that was powerful.

Thank you.

Rua said...

It's indefensible, what happened, there is no excuse

James Paden said...

Most frugal types say to shop less often, but I stop in my grocery store every few days. I buy most staples in bulk including meat and dairy, so I mainly shop for produce. I go often and get whatever has been marked down and build my meals or fill in with whatever I find.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am another real victim of Artane, that’s still ashamed to name myself by my real name. The following is a verse I wrote of how even after (counselling & in my case, bullied & hurried redress) this abuse still makes me feel as if I was beheaded by jihad’s, because believe me, since I was eleven I have felt “Dead”.
My verse in poetry would probably represent every single one of the victim’s & I dedicate it to each one of them.

I dedicate this poem to the entire victim's

“The Story of me and Many More, A Child after the before” By Jaker Ray (nom-de-plume)

I am the sky- whose cloak will not blue
I am the sea- whose tide will not turn
I am the moon- whose silver will not hue
I am the sun- whose orange will not burn
I am the day- whose light will not bright
I am the night- whose darkness will not light
I am the tree- whose root is dead
I am the flower- without a head
I am the fish- whose fins will not breathe
I am the bird- who will not eat seed

I am the scab- that just will not heal
I am the neural- that just cannot feel
I am a smile - that remains frozen
I am a choice- that horror had chosen
I am a year - without a season
I am a reason - without a reason
I am a whisper - that cannot vibrate
I am a scream - that cannot migrate
I am a prison - whose cell will not open
I am the cell - where inside its so choking

I am a house - that has no foundation
I am a country - without a nation
I am the hell - that is in my centre
I am the heaven - that has no banter
I am Christmas - without its infant
I am a gift box - without its present
I am the present - that is now past
I am the past - that is now present
I am a heart - without a soul
I am the secret - never told

I was lost - could not be found
I was frightened - no solace around
I am a curse - no man can swear
I am the abused - no one was there
I done no crime -1 served a dictum
I done no wrong - I am a victim
I was the wrong - that was never right
I was defenceless -1 could not fight
I was that child - who was un-nurtured
I am the man- who still is tortured

I was a brain-with little education
I was a being- with little validation
I am the love-that suffered rejection
I am a failure- under closer inspection
I am a tear-that does not cry
I am laughter- that does not fly
I am a face- that puts on a show
I am a body- I prefer no-one to know
I have a secret- I have to hide
I am an expert- at all this & besides

A past child abused- a man confused
Just one of many- that were used
To those of you -who escaped this ordeal?
If you were I -this is how it would feel?
I was a happy child- once before
Till he took me-behind “Closed Doors”
Scared me into-keeping our secret
What he had done-to me in secret
Since then I just gave up hoping
That life’s door would ever again open

I am young- or I could be very old
I am but one – of this story told
You see, I was a child abused
& that’s a title- I didn’t choose,
& the man I walk -around as today -
Still hides his BIG- secret away…!!!
In the recesses-of his being
Where it will be-never seen
Even if you got near me, real close
You'd never guess, I was a victim of "Child Abuse"

But like very many more- I am & I was
Inflicted with this life virus-this curse
And there's no disease in life that's worse
Than being a victim of "Child Abuse"!

PS. Can I point out, just about here, that I really died in my ELEVENTH year! (RIP)
Written by an abuse victim with the pseudonym, Jaker? © 2009

Jaker Ray. Dundalk, Ireland.

Peter Slattery said...

Holy god, I didn't expect to be moved quite as much when I went to watch that. I've always maintained a fairly high level of patriotism for this country, despite it's many faults. But right now, I feel ashamed to be Irish.