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Friday, August 28, 2009

How to end clamping

A Frenchman told me tonight how to prevent clamping from taking hold in your neighbourhood.

Buy superglue, and keep it on your person.

The next time you see clampers immobilising some poor bugger's car, just wander past the clamper van and squirt a whack of the superglue in the lock. Do as many doors as you can.

According to the Frenchman, in his town (he didn't specify and I didn't ask, sorry), when they introduced clamping, everyone armed themselves with superglue.

Within a matter of weeks, the clamping was cancelled, due to the cost of replacing locks on their own vehicles.

Obviously, this is not legal. And I'm not suggesting that the spineless citizens of Dublin should follow suit in defending their liberties against clampers as the French have.

But wouldn't it be fantastic if they did?


Sweary said...

I'd agree, if I wasn't so sick of people parking in stupid places, like In My Way. Or comfortably blocking most of a narrow road. Or so far up on a footpath no pedestrian can pass. Or taking up an entire bus stop so that when the bus does come, it blocks the entire flow of traffic instead.

Sadly, these mongos never get clamped. Only people quickly popping into the newsagent get clamped. It's a well-known fact.

JC Skinner said...

Bottom line is if you clamp a car, you're actually PREVENTING it from moving on. You're ensuring it stays a nuisance.
It's the stupidest system going. Either tow, or better yet, simply fine people who park illegally.
But my point was more about the inate spinelessness of our nation.
Fighting Irish?
More like whimpering pussies prepared to take it up the jacksie any number of times in any number of ways and keep saying thank you afterwards.

truthisfree said...

They drive scooters and chase cars that are looking for parking in London, hide and wait until the owners clear off and then clamp them. Is there a name for a car-hater?