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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you know any of these Israeli Assassins?

These are the passport photographs used by the Israeli hitsquad that murdered a Hamas leader in the Gulf last month.

At least three, possibly four, posed as Irish, thereby putting at risk every single genuine Irish person on the planet who travels to the Gulf or indeed any other state with sympathies for Palestine.

These people are extremely dangerous and need to be found and tried.

And the terrorist government of Israel must issue an apology to the Irish people for hiding behind our good name while they go about their spineless murders.


Peter Slattery said...

I used to be annoyed at Israel's policies towards Palestine. Now, it infuriates me. I wonder, had Hamas used fake Irish and UK passports, would the reaction be the same, glib, blase response from the governments. I'm not supporting Hamas, I just think there's an incredible amount of imbalance towards Israel. This will be swept under the carpet. It's unacceptable.

JC Skinner said...

I don't think our government has the guts to stand up to Israel even when the rogue state is putting OUR citizens' lives at risk.