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Thursday, February 11, 2010

That extra F

I've blogged before about how parents who give their children stupid names should be up on child abuse charges.

It's a global problem, generally committed by the lumpenproletariat whose imagination, stunted by a childhood diet of smokes and deepfried food, leads them to brand their offspring with the name of whatever pop star, white wine, car model or city happens to be in front of them at the time of birth.

But surely there must be a special ring of Hell set aside for people who, given perfectly reasonable names by their perfectly normal parents, jettison that in favour of some eye-popping nonsense.

I'm not talking about actors and writers assuming stage or pen names. I'm talking about Celtic Tiger eejits who decided to 'rebrand' in order to feed the ravenous monster that is their attention-seeking ego.

That extra F did it for me. Malcontent with being just another Aoife, some balloon off some RTE reality show (another ring in Hell dedicated to anyone involved in making those, I'd have thought) decided she needed an extra F in there 'to be different'.

Note to Aoiffffffe: Adding random letters to your name isn't 'different'; it's illiterate.

Graduates of advanced level Celtic Tiger naming idiocy include people who call themselves 'Puffin', 'Turtle', 'Doodle', 'Vogue' or 'Gavin Lambe-Murphy'.

By no coincidence whatsoever, all of these people can be found on the southside of Dublin 'working' in jobs that don't sound like jobs to people who work 9 to 5.

You know - they're models, or in PR, or they simply consider themselves to be celebs. Some such shit.

These people need to realise that it's not big or clever. It doesn't make you look different, or special. It makes you look like a self-important tool who can't spell and has industrial sized attention issues.

A kid like Rocco Ahern I feel sorry for (in more ways than one.) It's not their fault. But the adults who insist people call them by the name of exotic animals? I simply feel contempt for them.

It's not 2007 anymore. Change your name back to Mary or Padraig or whatever normal name your parents gave you before you copped a double dose of Celtic Tiger delusions, you planks.


Missing Neighbour said...

It's the double barrelled surnames that get to me. I mean where does it end? It's Lamb-Murphy now, but in 10 generations time it could well be Lamb-Murphy-Brown-O'Connor-McSweeney-Duff-Bermingham-Hughes-Connelly-Clarke-Moore-BellEnd.
I wonder if any of these pretentious pinheads ever consider that possibility when they saddle their offspring with these ludicrous monikers? I am aware that in several cultures the women keep their maiden names and append the Husbands surname to it i.e. Valiente-Smith, but rarely does this carry over to the children (Who usually just take the Fathers).

JC Skinner said...

I think there should be a law that anyone can have as many surnames hyphenated together as they like, so long as the last one is 'Geebag'.
Gavin Lambe-Murphy-Geebag might decide that Gav Murphy wasn't so bad after all.