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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The rich are suffering?

According to the spoofers, vested interests and eejits in the ESRI, the rich are suffering in what they euphemistically call 'the downturn' (a diminution akin to calling the civil war in Northern Ireland 'troubles'.)

Has anyone told Sean FitzPatrick yet? Or David Drumm? Or any of the other millionaire banksters who cut and run with their swagbags to their sunny hideyholes, laughing all the way?

The ESRI should really be wound down at this stage. It's nothing more than a national gag generator, and I mean gag in both senses, creating comedy and vomit in equal measure.

Remember, these are the same loons who were still predicting boom even after the bust had arrived, still wittering about 'soft landings' when the economy was in freefall.


Peter Slattery said...

Let them spend a couple of weeks worrying whether they're going to be able to afford enough food to last til Sunday. Let them worry about whether they'll be afford rent or mortgage repayments and if not, will their houses be taken off them. Let them experience real consternation and not whether they can afford Dodo eggs for breakfast, and then they can bitch about suffering.

I'm fairly lucky in that I have a job, I can just about afford my mortgage (yeah, I'm one of those idiots who bought during the 'boom' years) and food and live fairly comfortably. But I wouldn't say I'm suffering. I'm lucky enough not to be going out of my mind with worry that I can afford, well, anything. And I would never, ever suggest to anyone that I've ever 'suffered' during the economic downturn.

The Gombeen Man said...

I think I'll get my violin out for them. Or is that my fiddle?