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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Worst World Cup ever?

Certainly shaping up that way so far.

Why is this World Cup crap? Let us count the ways:

1. The vuvuzela drone. Apart from being profoundly annoying, it also drowns out fan singing, players can't communicate with each other, and it's so loud people are suffering from temporary deafness, and likely long-term hearing loss.
Furthermore, the argument that it is somehow integral to South African sport is pure horseshit. The vuvuzela was invented only a few years ago, and is already banned at cricket and rugby games in South Africa.

2. No goals. Or rather, far fewer than one might have expected. You could attribute this to the 'concede nothing' defensive mentality rife in the modern game. But I'm more inclined to blame...

3. The Jabulani ball. Seemingly lighter than a beach ball, this balloon has eradicated the possibility of scoring from set pieces. Once it's lofted into the air, it seems to go into orbit. Merely tapping it lightly is enough to send it into row Z at lightspeed.

4. Empty stadiums. This is what happens when FIFA insists that a 3rd world country spend money it can't afford building a plethora of soccer temples destined to fall into disrepair just like all those nice Olympic stadia in Athens have already.
Inevitably, the country tries to retrieve some money by pricing accordingly for the rich affluent Western fans who will come. Except they won't come, because this World Cup is being held in a 3rd world country with a global reputation for stratospheric rape and murder rates.
Result? Last minute ticket giveaways, and yet the stadia STILL aren't remotely close to full.

5. Unrest and danger. I like South Africa, but there's no way I was ever going to attend this tournament. The risks are simply too high. When the stadium stewards are causing riots rather than preventing them, a tragedy is inevitable.

6. No one has crippled that cheating thief Thierry Henry yet.

7. And now FIFA are getting the South African police to arrest women for wearing orange skirts in the stadium.

Roll on Brazil 2014. It can't come soon enough.


Random Joe said...

Have there been any vu-vu zela related beatings yet?

Anonymous said...

trust me if u think south africa is crime ridden

wait till u get a load of brasil

Anonymous said...

Well, it's still as miserable and now it's already June 26th...horrible "soccer", utterly unpredictable ball and add some of the worst refs ever seen! Oh, and let's not forget the innumerable instances of HANDBALL!!!
F---k FIFA and Sepp Blather!

JC Skinner said...

I suppose we can add the lack of TV reffing and goal-line technology to the growing list of complaints now.
Although in Ireland, those were live complaints since last November anyway!