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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


One ticket for the Champions' League final in Athens!

I'm serious! I was in Istanbul, and I really want to be in Athens to see Liverpool pick up their sixth European Cup.

If you have a genuine ticket that you want to sell, please mail me and tell me how much you're looking for. I've got the money, and I want to go very badly.

Please help!


DAVID said...

Dear sir,

I`m still have 6tickets for champions league final athens.

1 tickets is US $600
2 tickets is US $1000
4 tickets is US $1800
6 tickets is US $2400

Please call or email us if you interested to make purchase.


Thank you

JC Skinner said...

I'm curious how a man who hides his blogger profile and who lives in Sumatra has managed to lay his hands on six genuine tickets for the Champions League final.
Perhaps you could allay my concerns that you do not have any tickets and are in fact operating a scam?

Anonymous said...

This guy is scamming people... he told me that he have 4 rugby 7 tickets and I sent WU payment and it's been 2 days no reply from him.....

Anonymous said...

His Mother fucker scammer....

ROB me 125 USD already through WU payment and disappera