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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Greens sign suicide note

Well, the Greens have been bought off by the Prince of Darkness and will now enter government with Fianna Fail.

They will replace the previous small party, the PDs, who were decimated by the electorate following their dalliance in government with Fianna Fail.

The Greens may just have signed their own suicide note.

Certainly it must now mean the end of Clever Trevor Sargent's leadership. Only a few months ago, he said he would resign the leadership if the party goes into coalition with Fianna Fáil after the next Election.

However, Mr Sargent also said that he would make himself available to serve as a Minister in such a coalition.

So don't expect him to stay out of the ministerial merc on principles.


Sweary said...

Never trust a man who can't decide between an afro and a mullet, that's what I say.

Brian Damage said...

Ministerial bikes maybe?

I thought the Greens were different, but like all small parties, they just bend over and take it when Fianna Fail comes knocking.