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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Michael McDole

As promised, here are some pics of Michael McDowell at the recent general election count at the RDS, during which he made his speech resigning from political life.

There has been some debate in the media and online about whether McDowell was mobbed and jeered by Sinn Fein supporters as he made his speech. This first pic clearly indicates that it was the media who did the mobbing.

McDowell was no sooner in the RDS than he was surrounded by photographers and hacks, as this pic indicates.

Here he is giving his speech about loving his country and so on.

And following his departure, where he was indeed jeered by a People Before Profit member carrying a sign reading 'Michael McDole', John Gormley of the Green Party arrived in time to be declared elected.

Finally, some people might be pleased to know that the 'Michael McDole' sign, a piece of history from this particular general election campaign, was retrieved for posterity and is now in a safe place. Here's me posing with it!

I'd just like to add that I was not the person waving it about at McDowell, nor was I the person who retrieved it from the trashcan. Neither a protestor nor a bin-dipper am I! (But special thanks to those who did retrieve it and who let me borrow it for this snap - you know who you are!)


The Voice of Treason said...

The happiest day of my life - Michael McDowell losing his seat for the third time and the PDs becoming the P45s - maybe there is a God after all.

Sweary said...

There is a God. And he definitely wears his ties neat and his shirts well-buttoned, just like our Skinny.

JC Skinner said...

All part of my cunning plan to avoid recognition, Sweary.
Normally I only wear last year's Celtic tops and trackie bottoms stained with curry sauce.
Just like Micky McDole does now!

Brian Damage said...

Is that you really?

JC Skinner said...

Yes, that's me really.