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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Twelve things I hate about Christmas

12. Christmas music: the nadir of music. "Santa Baby", "Jingle Bell Rock", "When a Child is Born." I rest my case.

11. Christmas carols: what a load of maudlin twaddle most of them are, and in bizarrely archaic language too. "Here we come a-wassailing." What does that even mean? Try wassailing near me and I'll box the head off you.

10. Christmas Trees: let's all mow down junk forests and store them in our living rooms till they go mouldy. Not to mention all the other waste and excess. Drinking twice your blood volume in alcohol in a fortnight? Nice.

9. Christmas Cards: twee overpriced Hallmark visions of Victorian England have what exactly to do with the birth of a Jewish religious leader in Palestine 2000 years ago? And why is it such a fucking insult if I don't send one to someone who I haven't spoken to in five years or physically seen in over ten?

8. Christmas pudding: more calories than McDonald's, the constituency of dried vomit, the colour of a Guinness turd, made and left to sit for two months before consumption. Who eats this shit? And what the fuck is suet?

7. Christmas office parties, that begin in October and continue until February in Ireland, making it impossible to go out for over four months without encountering drunk loons wearing tinsel while making out with their boss.

6. Christmas telly: who really wants to see the same old films again? Various James Bonds, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, It's a Wonderful Life, etc, etc. Not to mention all the festively seasoned bullcrap like The Santa Clause and so on. It's groundhog viewing year after year.

5. People who fly back to Ireland from abroad just for Christmas. Are you mad? It's fucking cold and wet here in December! Come in August instead, you prick. And if we really cared to hear all about your life in San Diego, we'd have gone to visit. And we didn't, so shut up about it.

4. All the people you want to be working, like plumbers, government departments or GPs, are off work for a fortnight. Yet Tescos are open 24 hours a day so that you can buy extra tinsel or another turkey.

3. Eating turkey meat for three days straight. Is Christmas sponsored by Bernard Mathews or something?

2. All the pricks who light up their houses like an explosion in a fairy lights factory. Didn't you morons ever hear about conserving energy? And why has decking the front of your house in millions of stupid lights become like a cold war, so that people are now spending thousands on it just to outdo their equally moronic neighbours? Keep this shit up and we'll eventually all be visible from space, flashing different primary colours in a monotonous pattern.

1. Christmas presents. Kriss Kringle is such an obvious out for people on a budget that to suggest it is akin to admitting you're skint. Which leaves buying a ton of crap people don't want for a load of people you don't care about. Which leaves most of us skint and unfulfilled, but the retailers very pleased indeed at knocking out so many bottles of bad perfume, novelty socks and so on at a premium price.

So you lot can fucking keep Christmas. I'm off to Tehran or Islamabad this December instead.


Flirty Something said...

oh dear - no under the tree for you. mistletoe?

JC Skinner said...

But there are some REALLY cheap flights to Tehran with Air France at that time of year, Flirty!

razorbeck said...

Yeah But I have been to Ireland in January and I thought the weather was lovely, but then I am Canadian and well we know a little more about the cold then you do

gimme a minute said...

Testify, JC.

I'd go with you but I want presents. Presents will make me happy, right?

Bock the Robber said...

Why can't we just get back to the real meaning of Christmas?

Santa Claus died on the cross to save the world, and we should honour his memory.

JC Skinner said...

@Razor: Yup, you Canucks do cold better than anyone. But we do rain and rain sucks more.
@Gimme: Sure they will, sure they will... New socks, anyone?
@Bock: Thought that was the Easter Bunny. My bad.

Rua said...

eh..would it be terribly ignorant of me to ask why you diffrenciate between x-mas music and carols? they're all more or less of the same ilk

Rua said...

eh..would it be terribly ignorant of me to ask why you diffrenciate between x-mas music and carols? they're all more or less of the same ilk

JC Skinner said...

Carols are, allegedly, religious and relate to the themes Bock was telling us about, the true meaning of Xmas and all that. You hear them in Church.
Xmas muzak is generally a desperate cash-in attempt by various singing ne'er-do-wells to make some money out of gullible people on a festive spending spree. You hear that sort of music fucking everywhere at this time of year.
I appreciate there is some overlap, like when two people vomit side by side and the pukes merge in the middle.
But they do appear to be distinctive forms to me, Rua.
Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Friggen turkey from Thanksgiving to dam near February!

I hate the stuff!

And all the B.S. with the holidays too!

I chose to work on those day.