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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're all experts now

I've been watching some Irish television.

Yes, the weather really has been that bad.

On Monday, I caught the blogosphere's art guru Sinead Gleeson on the Seoige and O'Shea show. That's the one on in the afternoon, where flustered guests try not to stare too hard at Grainne's legs and bosoms (see above), while Joe O'Shea stutters at them.

Sinead was on as an expert guest, but she wasn't talking about Ireland's arts scene. No, she was on to discuss how people in Ireland today have so little idea of geography that they'd be lucky to find Tallaght if there weren't big signs on the M50 carpark to tell them.

No offence, Sinead (who, for those who missed it, is surprisingly foxy for an internet geek and art wonk), but when did you become (as billed) a 'social commentator' with special interest in secondary school geography education? Is there a night class you can do in that?

Needless to say, Sinead performed admirably in her role. But I am getting fed up with all sorts of people being rolled out on telly purporting to be experts in things they're not. Can anyone be a telly expert now? Are daytime viewers so moronic that they actually still consider talking heads to be authorities on anything?

Actually, don't answer that. I was one of those soldiers on Monday afternoon. Damn rain, I really need to get out more.


Niall said...

there no racy pictures of Grainne Seoige on google image search.

why? :(

Fhm should throw a few quid her way for a photoshoot.

Niall said...

Oh and I agree about the "experts" on telly.

Anyone described as an "expert" on telly should not be listened to.

I think the "security experts" that Sky News trot out everytime theres a whiff of terrorism are the biggest chancers around. There must be a Talking Head guild or something. Never a shortage of experts or shit football pundits

Sinéad said...

Am not sure myself why I was asked on, I can only imagine that it was because I've written some travel articles in the past. And geekily enough, have done a course in cartography, so now my secret geography passion has been outed. But I wouldn't go on TV to talk about something I didn't think I had at least more than a passing interest in.

As mammy to a five month old baby, I thought my days of being considered "foxy" were over, so you've made my day sir...

Grainne is terribly foxy (and very nice). There was a mini audience in the studio that day of mostly teenage boys who were openly salivating... bless 'em.

Dave said...

I tend to agree gurl, you do look foxy and now your a mum, please feel free to talk more about the role of mothers and fathers in creating a stable environment for the kids and the future of this Ireland. We need good role models like yourself foxy and JC more than ever to stop the decline into juvenile madness on the streets!

JC Skinner said...

Now I know you are a geography expert, I'll be quiet, Sinead.
Are you by any chance a member of the Talking Head Guild?
How can I join?