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Friday, September 05, 2008

JC Skinner wants your vote

There is a large proportion of the American electorate who are unconvinced by either Obama's vision thing or McCain's maverick conservatism.

Reluctantly, I have finally agreed to put my name forward following a massive groundswell of appeals that I enter my candidacy in the forthcoming election:


Missing Neighbour said...

Very Humourous. I don't know about 'Coming up Behind'. As long as the'Behind' part of that statement is a common noun and not a proper noun you should do alright :)

Missing Neighbour said...

I meant Humorous in that last post btw.

Informer said...


You'll appeal more to the women but if you can look alot like their dads according to new research. Proof that women are fickle beasts.... ;)

JC Skinner said...

It gets funnier and funnier the more I play with it.
(Yes, I am that sad.)
Ian Paisley for President gave me the giggles, but it was probably Sammy Wilson's candidacy written on an old lady's arse than finally sent me over the edge.

rua nua said...

I've moved to 'praiseach.wordpress.com'