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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Memo to SDLP

Dear SDLP,
Your vote has been declining in recent elections. People have been querying the party's very raison d'etre, even including senior party members.

Your leader has ignominiously touted his mandate to Fianna Fail in a desperate attempt to shore up some electoral relevance, and been embarrassingly rebuffed.

Now he's proposed scrapping designation, a nice recipe for a return to sectarian majority rule, in an attempt to grab some headlines.

In short, you're still on your own and you need every vote you can get.

So would it not make a bit of sense to sort out your communications?

I got a letter from the SDLP through the front door. There wasn't even a phone number on it, or any mention of how to contact my local SDLP representative.

On the SDLP's website, there is no mention of how to go about joining the party, if anyone was so inclined.

Is it any wonder that the electorate and membership of the SDLP is declining to the extent that senior party members are prostituting themselves at FF, when basic communications are so lax?

Sort it out, or else stand back and watch your decline into irrelevance.

1 comment:

Rua said...

They played their part in the terrible comedy that is Irish nationalism. They laid the seeds of the 'peace' we have now but when it comes down to it peace talks need to involve violent men.

Sinn Fein were the only ones who could have brought it around. We don't need the SDLP when everyone wants peace, its a pity that they'll probably be denied their place in history but-thats politics