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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The PDs are dead!

Hooray! At last some good news.

The PDs wound themselves up tonight, after winding up the rest of us for years. Obviously they couldn't face the hammering they were going to get next year in the locals.

Good feckin riddance to some seriously toxic rubbish.

What a rogue's gallery of chancers, gombeens, blusterers, pocketliners and ne'er-do-wells. I don't know how they ever had the audacity to pitch themselves as Fianna Fail's mudguard when they were the most damaging gombeen opportunists of all.

I note they leave just as the economic meltdown they helped create gets properly underway.

Chickenshit bastards that they are, they won't even try cleaning up the mess they made.

Can we now, pretty, pretty please, kick that lump Harney out of health before there are no public hospitals left, and implement some tax hikes on the superrich?

Thank you.



Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
You are speaking for many in Ireland, and certainly for me, too.

I have already scheduled a post on the same subject for tomorrow, but I think I will not get my feelings and opinions about the PDs into words as clear and unmistakeable as you did.

Well done!

Peter Slattery said...

Aw, I for one will miss the PDs. No other party could make me laugh as they meekly approached me as I strolled into the polling stations.

Conan Drumm said...

Farewell then, ye regressive desocrats!

Harney will either be left in Health, to rot, or a Green will be forced to take it on. Q is, will co-location be given the boot , officially?

Btw... what is it with failed PD candidates and their gravitation towards high profile lobbying jobs - Tom Parlon, Helen Keogh, Colm O'Gorman (I'll allow O'Gorman his considerable prior experience in this area.)

Rua said...

What type of muppet would hire a PD to handle their PR?

Good riddance to Fianna Fail hardline-sub-group 1