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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pot launches savage attack on kettle

We all know how some organisations attached to the lost Empire love to parade their poppies to the heavens at this time of year, while waxing lyrical about their Britishness.

One might well argue that they spare a thought for the many thousands, if not millions, who have died at the hands of Britain's military while they aggrandise their fallen soldiers this Sunday.

But they wouldn't listen and would only consider the remembrance of innocent victims as a churlish attempt to do down their heroic boys. So I won't bother.

Instead, I intend to turn my attention to that bastion of bigotry and drug-dealing terrorism, the UDA.

Apparently, they're still sabre-rattling, despite having decimated themselves with in-fighting in recent years. In a statement issued to mark Remembrance day, they warn that they intend to fight to defend their Britishness against what they admit is a 'non-violent' threat from Nationalists.

This comes on the heels of the latest Independent Monitoring Commission statement yesterday which noted its 'disappointment' at the complete and utter lack of movement on Loyalist decommissioning.

I have some questions for the powers that be. Why are the UDA permitted to continue in action, with their armouries intact, threatening the Nationalist community in this manner?

And when is President Mary McAleese going to knock her tokenistic outreach to these Loyalists on the head?

Remember, her husband golfs with the head of the UDA, the UDA get to party regularly in Aras an Uachtarain at her invitation, and she got the UDA brigadier an IRISH passport so that he could sneak past US Homeland security to go to America.

And all the while, the self-same people have their guns in the attic and are making threatening statements to Nationalists!

In their statement, the UDA also accused Republicans of racism, ignorance and bigotry. What a savage attack on the kettle by the pot!

The vast majority of racist attacks on ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland occur in Loyalist areas. This is a simple statement of fact. Furthermore, there could be few organisations on the planet more doused in ignorance and bigotry than the post-McMichaels UDA.

It's time that the authorities North and South lost their patience with this shower of thugs and drug dealers. It's time to lock them up and sieze their weapons. Let's start with UDA South Belfast brigadier Jackie McDonald.

He should be easy to find. If he's not at Stormont demanding money from MLAs for dubious 'community groups', then you'll likely find him on some posh golf course in the Republic on the green with Martin McAleese.

One can only imagine some great golfing conversations between those pair, though:

Martin: Nice shot, Jackie. You're on the green.
Jackie: Don't you oppress me with your Nationalist rhetoric, you fucking ignorant bigot, or I'll brain you with this nine iron!
Martin: Very sorry, Jackie. Would you like an Irish passport?
Jackie: Don't mind if I do. But don't you dare threaten my Britishness or I'll wrap this five wood round your neck! Here, do you fancy a wee wrap of cocaine?

Etc, etc.


Rua said...

Do they actually play golf together? That'd be fairly awkward, probably play-date organised by their respective mothers.

JC Skinner said...

Regularly. Apparently Portmarnock and the K club are favoured venues.
The Indo ran photos of them golfing at the K club before, I think.

Anonymous said...

How did the President organise an Irish passport for him ? I thought anyone up there could get one under the Good friday Agreement without any help.

Anonymous said...

He was barred from America as he was on their terror list as a UDA chief. But he reckoned he could get into America on an Irish passport.
However he needed it really quickly, so it was done in a day for him by the McAleeses in April 2003.
All of this is in the new biography of the President by Patsy McGarry.

Anonymous said...

What was the purpose of his visit ?

JC Skinner said...

McDonald's visit to America, do you mean, Anon no.3?
Apparently he wanted to attend a North American Rangers Supporters Association convention in Houston!
But he claims he didn't go in the end, despite getting the passport, because he fell ill, bless!
So we can disregard any suggestions that he might have been going over to fundraise for the UDA among Rangers fans, just as we should discount the idea that he bottled travelling to the States even on an Irish passport because he heard they were waiting to arrest him.

Anonymous said...

JC Skinner; thanks. you answered my question perfectly.

Rua and his two cents said...

to be honest I wouldn't really have that much time for the UDA, they always seem so grumpy. Naturally though, they'd fuckin despise the likes of me....actually, I think that second one is the main reason