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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Banana Republic mk 2

We've been thrown our bone.

Brian Cowen said something had to be seen to be done, and hence now we're getting some token action months after it might have been relevant.

The Gardai, at the instigation of the Financial Regulator (the new one, not the utterly incompetent one who quit and swanned off into the sunset with a big swagbag of a golden handshake), have gone into Anglo Irish Bank yesterday evening seeking evidence of wrongdoing.

They follow the path beaten by the Fraud Squad only a day earlier.

There is now a faint outside chance that some of the gobshite criminals responsible for the mess that we're in will actually face criminal charges.

But it's only a bone. The time for all this activity was four months ago not now. You can shred a lot of incriminating evidence in four months.

Don't forget, we still live in a Banana Republic. For those of you who forget that we had a country before the Celtic Tiger hallucination, here's a little bit of Bob to remind you:


Rua said...

The photo I'm stealing but Bob you can keep. All I have to say on the issue is to thank jaysus he took up charity work.

The Gombeen Man said...

Actually, might half-inch that pic too. Very good.

Like that song myself, actually. Good lyrics.

JC Skinner said...

Still apt today, GM. That's why I rolled it out.
Oh and go mad with the pic. I nicked it myself.