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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You sick ghouls

I appreciate it doesn't exactly encourage readership of this blog to accuse my readers of being sick, mentally ill, perverted voyeuristic ghouls.

But today, and for much of the past fortnight, that's what many of you are.

This site has been deluged by traffic from people searching for naked images of Jade Goody, the erstwhile reality show 'celebrity' who is now confirmed as suffering from terminally ill cancer.

I don't have such images on my site. I wouldn't want them on my site. I don't find the poor woman attractive in the slightest, and in any case I don't have naked pictures of the women I do consider attractive on this site either.

It's not that type of site. As it used to say in the former strapline up above - rude, not nude.

So if you came to this site seeking a quick wank over pictures of a dying woman, what you need to do is turn your PC off and go and think about what sort of depraved life you're actually leading, and I mean that with the utmost of seriousness.

I have little time for Jade Goody, or her vapid reality celeb ilk. But I'm not going to glory in the death of a poorly-educated mother of small children who had a rough upbringing and sought to use any means available to her to enrich her soon-to-be motherless offspring.

And I'm certainly not going to endorse thousands of ghouls coming here in search of a stomach-churning wank without letting you know that you disgust me.

And you should disgust yourselves. That's all.


Sweary said...

Hi there

Hav u any pics of famus corpses like maybe ana Nicole Smiht i am realy in2 dat. Thanx! xoxoxoxo

Peter Slattery said...

Are you really getting people coming here to look for those pictures? More to the point, there are people looking for pictures like that?! Is the volume that high?! How do they land here? I'm pretty flabbergasted at the whole notion.

JC Skinner said...

Sadly I am, Peter.
There's always been a trickle of sickos to the site, probably due to my titling the blog after a common euphemism for porno.
Boy do I regret that now.
But there's a difference between the usual few dozen wierdos coming here daily looking for things along the lines of 'nude barack obama gay skinflicks' and what's happening currently, which is literally hundreds upon hundreds of people arriving here, looking for images of Jade Goody nude or naked.
Generally they arrive at a post I wrote in a huff quite a while ago called 'Civilisation is crumbling' where I mentioned Ms Goody.
Instead they get a nice picture of Daniel Day Lewis with greasy hair in a butcher's apron.
While I find that gratifying to a degree, the current volume of sickos is such that I felt a pressing need to say something about it.
Sweary - have you tried Bock the Robber?

Rua, smiling like a killer said...

Have you ever stopped to consider how I first stumbled on this site?

Shut up, type "skin flicks, angry, bold Biffo" into google and pass the kleenex!