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Monday, March 01, 2010

The cult of AGW

It's been the coldest winter since 1963 here in Ireland, apparently.

And we're not unique. Most of the planet has been experiencing exceptionally cold weather this winter.

This goes quite a long way towards explaining why you don't hear the words 'global warming' being bandied about so much any more.

These days, the buzz words are 'climate change'. I'd be inclined to refer to climate changing by its old-fashioned title, 'weather'.

But plenty of the true believers in the cult of anthropogenic global warming are still keen to claim that armageddon is imminent, and it's all your fault and mine for, well, existing basically.

Global warming, yesterday.

On BBC Radio 4 today, they were covering the British parliament's grilling of the lying scientists who conspired to fabricate data, cover up the truth and twist the results of research.

They then turned to some invited 'expert' to respond. I didn't catch his name. I wish I had because he should be added to the list of lying scumbags banking research grants for peddling this tosh.

He hummed and hawed about his lying colleagues getting busted, then went on to insist that, of course, none of this should impact at all on the need to reduce carbon emissions, the pressing need for carbon taxes, and so on and so forth.

Amazingly, the presenter didn't call him on any of this crap. But that's the nature of religious faith. One cannot question under any circumstances.

Yes, oil is running out and we need to be smarter about how we use it (ban SUVs for a start), and we need to find replacement sources of energy.

But that is no reason to seek to tax the developed world to the point of penury. There's a perfectly simple and indisputable reason for our cold weather. It's called the solar minimum.

When the sun flares up with nuclear force on its surface, it sends waves of additional heat and light our way. These flares are called sunspots, and they occur in cycles. We're at the bottom of the cycle currently, so there are virtually no sunspots and as a result, much less heat for us.

When there were plenty of sunspots a few years back, the world was exceptionally warm, and that's when this global warming crap began getting propagated.

So, since we know their scientific underpinning for AGW (man-made global warming/cooling/change/whatever you're having yourself) is not only junk science but deliberate lies, the only remaining question is why is the cult still propagating this?

Well, what is the result of a carbon tax? It's a penalty on the developed world for being developed. It's a glass ceiling on the prospects of the developing world to continue improving the lives of those living there. In short, it's a charter for reversing development.

In other words, it's more back-to-hobbiton fantasies from the Gaia-brigade, who'd like nothing more than to see mankind reduced to a few hundred thousand people living in an imaginary vegan wonderland without machinery, transport, or anything that might interrupt their fantasy idyll.

It's a cult, and it's time to stop pandering to them. They're more dangerous than any other bunch of crazy faith-based loonies right now, including the Roman Catholic paedo-clerics, the Islamo-fascist suicide bombers or the Judaic imperialists.

These people want to end the world as we know it. In proposing one spoof Armageddon, they hope to bring about a real one.

They need to be stopped. This nonsense has gone too far and for far too long already.

It's time we repudiated their ever-changing anti-human, anti-development lies and stopped letting them take us for sheep that will believe any old rubbish, and happily pay to be returned to the middle ages.


branedy said...

I was going call you foolish, and then repudiate your perspective in a factual realistic scientific truth. But I think you just need to adjust your med's.

JC Skinner said...

Question the cult, and they call you a loon.
Same old, same old.
Remind me, Brandy, why 'global warming' has led to the coldest winter in decades?
Care to explain how it's all to do with the air we breathe out and bugger all to do with the solar minimum, that huge nuclear reactor in the sky that supplies all our heat, light and energy?
Course you don't. Cause you can't. But hey, don't stop believing.

daniel said...

I began to be a doubter as well.
And the reason is so simple:
http://blogs.edf.org/climate411/2007/06/29/human_cause-3/ (very long loading time....)
Check the two graphs and the source of their data.
Funny how figures suddenly change if you move your measuring location from Antarctica to an island with a volcano in the Pacific.
Ofcourse the CO2 that the volcano exhausts isn't of any influence at all...

There is no such thing as factual realistic scientific truth if it is based on computer models, as has been done so far.
Even more, there is no such thing as factual realistic scientific truth as true scientist will always will question the truth, at least to the common scientific philosophy of Francis Bacon, one of the founders of modern science.

Anonymous said...

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for global warming u start bicycling instead of investing such money, time and mind ion such discussion than ur problem of global warming + bad health = solved