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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'd emigrate if I could

Twenty Major reckons the obligatory pension (translation: more tax) is his tipping point. He's leaving if it's implemented.

I couldn't blame him.

I'd do it myself if my circumstances permitted it. After all, when the rats are leaving the ship, why should the hard-pressed crew remain as the tide rises above the neck?

The bankers have fled to their hidey-holes in Spain or Canada already. The cabinet are bailing out one by one.

Why stay to pay for their mistakes, their incompetence and yes, their crimes?

If you can, go. No one will thank you for remaining behind, except of course the aforementioned bankers (whose debts you'll pay) or the aforementioned politicians (whose pensions your 'pension levy' will fund).

There's a really simple choice here - stay and get shafted, stay and fight back, or leave and don't ever look over your shoulder at the mess behind you.

I'm forced into option 2. But despite the 'fighting Irish' nickname we have worldwide, this nation is one of meek, subservient sheep who would take any punishment and tug their forelock gratefully in response.

In short, I don't expect to see many others backing my belligerence because historically, the Irish have never shown backbone in a crisis. 1798? Most of the country bottled. 1848? Same again. 1916? Same again.

When it comes to fighting each other, we're masters though. Look at the North, or the civil war, or indeed the public V private spat ongoing at present.

If you're going, you do so with my blessing and best hopes for the future.

If you're staying, please get up off your knees, remove the penises from your mouth, stand up and fight for justice.

Fight to jail the crooks. Fight to see the corrupt bankers and developers bankrupted and jailed. Fight against being lumped with their debts and fight to retain some dignity in this country.


Peter Slattery said...

Righto. What's the plan? I've been emailing various TDs for the last year over various issues, but in true form, the cowards never reply. So that's Noel Dempsey, Dermot Ahern, Mary Coughlan, Eamon Ryan and John Gormless who will be first against the wall.

JC Skinner said...

I think the plan must begin with stopping NAMA and any further bailout of the banks at any cost.
That will beggar our grandchildren if it's allowed to go ahead.
Banks of 'systemic importance' my hairy swiss roll. There are other banks, credit unions and other ways to structure your financial system.
Also, never underestimate the usefulness of constituency clinics. I urge everyone to plague their TDs in person at these clinics, demanding their opposition to banking bailouts.
It's often easy to find the ne'er-do-wells at various community events too. Keep an eye out in the local community centre, parish hall and so on for their presence and go along and buttonhole them loudly.
Inevitably old ladies and angry unemployed people will join you and before you know it, they're cornered and cowering from the righteous wrath.
Record your interactions with them and go to the media when you catch them lying or making promises they intend to renege upon.
That's for starters, and anyone can do it.

Irish Mammy said...

Have you guys heard about this stay at home protest on March 22nd organised ? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=371426542496&ref=mf