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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 was the joint warmest year ever

According to the global warming freaks.

Strangely, according to the rest of us, it was bloody freezing. I've never in my lifetime known temperatures approaching the -18C we were seeing on a regular basis in Ireland during December.

But obviously, I'm wrong and actually the weeks of snow, the crappy summer and the record low temperatures were a hallucination and in fact I ought to have been out sunbathing.

Because of course, it was actually the warmest year we've ever had.

Meanwhile in other news, Marilyn Monroe is set to marry Elvis at his mansion on the moon, with Shergar as best man and Hitler as bridesmaid.


David said...

It was unusually toasty today. I got that tropical warm air feeling when I stepped outside the door.

Fin O'Reilly said...

You somehow seem to have missed the word "global" in "global warming". In the link you posted, it shows large parts of Europe and central Asia and most of the Pacific Ocean have fallen in temperature. Do you also have trouble with averages?

JC Skinner said...

No, but I do have trouble with unproven and fabricated bullshit invented with the sole purpose to tax the shit out of me even more than I already am.
The Mises Institute has a nice idea - privatise climate policy. If you believe that men are responsible for global warming (Ha ha), then start suing them for it.
Find the biggest culprits and sue them for damages.
Of course, you may find that you can't prove this nonsense beyond reasonable doubt - such as minus 18 degrees centigrade of doubt in the so-called hottest year ever.