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Thursday, January 20, 2011

They're out at last - now let's jail them

Some vote of confidence that was. Within a day, half the cabinet have quit on Cowen.

It's at times like these that the political clock suddenly accelerates, and more can be achieved in a matter of moments than might take weeks in normal times.

The criminals are running for cover, each rat seeking its own route off the sinking ship. These are the end times, the dog days of this evil, traitorous administration, and now, as they fall into acrimony and turn on each other, seeking selfishly to shore up their individual spoils and treasures, is the time that they should be halted in their tracks by the people of Ireland and held to account for their treachery.

Mussolini's end was swift and ignominious, as was that of Hitler, Ceaucescu and any number of petty tyrants and traitors who sold out their people to death, or war, or crippling poverty, or endless debt enslavement while they continued voting themselves pensions and pay raises, living like emperors, right up to the moment they realised the people now desired retribution.

And there must be a reckoning for what this shower of thieves have done to Ireland. There must be an accounting, omitting none of them. Let's not forget Bertie Ahern, the gangmaster of this current cabal, nor those who snuck out of the party early, McCreevy, Hoppity Cullen, O'Dea the perjurer.

Treason in Ireland is a capital crime, one of the few carrying death as a penalty, and there is no doubt whatsoever that their indenturing the nation to debt slavery to pay off the losing bets of big bankers and their cosy circle of developer and banker friends amounts to nothing short of treason.

Don't let them sneak off into the night with their ill-gotten gains, not this time. Don't let them die in their sleep, in their mansions, like the crook Haughey did.

Let us hold them to account for their actions. For if we do not, if we tolerate this last outrage, what type of nation can we in any honesty claim to be?


David said...

There is no death penalty in Ireland (not since the early 1990s, if I recall correctly).

JC Skinner said...

In practice, there isn't, a fact that made the murderers of Garda McCabe very happy, no doubt.
In legislation, I don't believe this has ever been repealed: http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/1939/en/act/pub/0010/sec0001.html#sec1
I don't think we want to become the sort of country that hangs regimes from lampposts. Which is why I suggested they ought to face prison.

JC Skinner said...

Sorry, I stand corrected. While they haven't cleaned up the statute books, the 21st constitutional amendment from 2002 covers this.

David said...

I should have just looked on Wikipedia. There hasn't been a death penalty in law since 1990. I remember it because it coincided with my brief membership of Amnesty (not that I claim any credit for its abolition!).

I'm also old enough to remember the last time a death sentence was passed in this country. I was young and pretty cheesed off when Hillary commuted it.