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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Can we now admit that they weren't refugees?

Irish economy booms. Suddenly, out of the blue, the place is swamped with hundreds of thousands of asylum applications, largely from countries which, though poorer than here, are not experiencing notable civil unrest or war.

Irish economy collapses. Suddenly, out of the blue, the number of asylum applications crashes overnight. Nothing has notably changed in the countries from which the vast majority of our 'asylum seekers' originate - Nigeria, China and Pakistan, in other words. Pakistan is no more unstable than it ever was, China is no more open than it was five years ago and Nigeria remains stable though corrupt oil-rich nation.

Department of Justice figures have repeatedly revealed that the vast majority of such claimants are simply lying, and are nothing more than economic migrants. Now the economy is in the shitter, obviously the number of claimants is drying up, vindicating the Department's statistical claim that these are not, were not and never were political refugees.

So can we now admit that the bulk of asylum seekers were simply chancers on the make? Or will we continue squandering much needed public funds denying reality in the name of political correctness?

Such a strategy has finally become too much of a burden for one Irish council, it seems. For years, the Dun Laoghaire 'Festival of Cultures' was heralded as the flagship event of multicultural Ireland - a public festival that celebrated diversity and the rich heritages of the many migrant communities in Ireland.

Now that it's been scrapped, the council has revealed that actually the festival was a financial disaster, sucking half a million quid out of its much stretched budget and resulting in street violence.

Why couldn't they have told us this earlier? And why was the state paying for this at all? The Chinese community celebrate their New Year in Dublin annually. They pay for it themselves. There are St Patrick's Day parades all over the world. They are primarily funded by local Irish-descended community groups.

But here we have an occasion for public disorder, that cost the council a fortune annually, dressed up as a beneficial interaction of migrant cultures.

Over the past fifteen years, we have seen some seismic changes in Ireland, irreversible changes that have not all been beneficial to the state. After the Celtic Tiger rollercoaster, we find ourselves once again bankrupt and exporting our brightest youth to other shores, where they will not receive political asylum with its free housing, food and education. Nor will they receive 200 euro a week benefits or find the local council spending half a million to promote their culture.

A scan of the origins of PPS number recipients by nationality over the past decade or more reveals just how our immigration and asylum system was abused. How our good nature and hospitality was effectively abused.

Yes, there are a few Iraqis and Afghans. Not many Congolese, or Darfurians, though. No, what we received were primarily lying Nigerians, from one of the richest of all African countries, who circumvented the Dublin protocol on asylum to claim where the benefits were greatest.

Now, I'm the first to accept that they're not leaving. The days of a homogenous and pasty white Ireland are gone for good, and I won't particularly miss them.

But in our newfound poverty, can we also emulate the actions of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown council and introduce some honesty at last into the diversity debate?

The 'festival of cultures' was a money-sucking excuse for public order offences. Can we similarly now admit that the vast majority of asylum seekers to Ireland weren't actually refugees at all, but simply economic migrants who lied their way into the country?


marshall said...

This is racist bullshit - the economic migrant argument only works if you believe economic migration to be illegal, unnecessary, unwanted and exploitative of the 'host' nation. On the contrary economic migration is a normal practice which has been going on for centuries all around the globe and if handled correctly (ie if the 'migrant' is not banned from integrating into the economy) can lead to economic growth to say nothing of a host of other positive contributions. (Diversity being one - something 'crony' Ireland badly needs) And oh the irony of it - with iver 50 million murphy's o'tooles and mc wankers scattered throughout the globe I think it ios us and not 'them' who are the kings of economic migration. Unfortunately your gallop to prove that asylum seekers are economic migrants (so there!) just feeds the ugly beast of racism. And he is one ugly fucker if fed the right fodder.

JC Skinner said...

The above post is the sort of drivel that I addressed in the Oookay post.
From the shrill and unfounded allegation of 'racist!' to the self-loathing of 'McWankers', it's a classic unthinking kneejerk reaction, based on total illogic.
There's the failure to address the core issue - the immorality of people who pose as refugees.
There's the failure to demonstrate that migration leads to economic growth (Ireland in the past decade suggests otherwise).
There's the failure to address the issue that a lack of a formal migration programme in Ireland, a points-based system based on Ireland's skill needs, is what has caused the tidal wave of lying asylum claimants.
And there's the repetitious claim of racism thrown at me, or indeed anyone, who dares query the current system, the standard-issue PC retort when they are no longer capable of defending their position or when they've lost the argument.
Marshall, YOU are the racist bullshit. Firstly, because you fail to note that asylum claimants come from all 'races', secondly because you unlike me adhere to the antiquated and scientifically discarded Victorian notion of race (I suggest you look up DNA and genetics - there are no races) and most importantly because your entire post reeks of anti-Irishness.