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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Backing Blair on public transport

Now that Teflon Tony has decided to leave Downing Street some indeterminate time this century, we can all look back in joy at the glorious work done by the lads of www.backingblair.co.uk.

No fans of the man whose legacy will be the death of untold thousands of Iraqi civilians, they have been agitating for his removal for years.

During that time, they managed to create a hilarious, close-to-the-knuckle series of flash animations about the state of British politics as they see it. All of them are worth a gander.
But my personal fave has to be this one.

The lads responsible for the music are two junior doctors from London who ply the UK comedy circuit under the moniker of Amateur Transplants.

If this is what they feel about the London Tube, god only knows what they might have to say about the Luas, Translink or, god forbid, Iarnrod Eireann.

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