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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Internet Alphabet

Okay, so I was bored. Sue me.

I typed the letter 'S' into my Firefox browser earlier on in order to call up this blog. Like other browsers, the cache remembers sites, so it was my lazy way of getting to the blog in as few moves as possible.

But instead of waiting for the cache to call up anything beginning with 'S', I impatiently hit search, and was gobsmacked to find that the letter 'S' links, for no apparent reason, to this page, which was definitely not what I was looking for.

That got me wondering what the rest of the alphabet links to via Firefox, so being bored, I compiled the entire alphabet for you below. Now perhaps things are different over in Explorer or Opera land, and perhaps things are different where you are, but this is the alphabet I found:

A is for a list of web resources for programmers
B is for academic Physics papers
C is for the programming language C
D is for more Physics papers
E is for Hollywood gossip
F is for businesses going under
G is for Google mail
H is for graphics cards for gamers
I is for a Youtube imitator
J is for Jennifer Lopez
K is for some Linux operating system guff
L is for the Council of Europe!!!
M is for Fritz Lang's classic
N is for teen TV shows
O is for more nerd techie stuff
P is for pop singer Pink
Q is for Q music magazine
R is for statistical computing
S is for McDonald's junkfood???
T is for Local transport in Massachussets
U is for a Canadian University
V is for Warner's movie mangling of 'V for Vendetta'
W is for a business hotel chain
X is for yet more open source, techie nerd stuff
Y is for Yahoo
Z is for dissident US political magazine ZMag

I presume somewhere along the line people are paying to buy up the alphabet online. That would explain the preponderance of entertainment and techie sites.

But can anyone confirm to me how browsers decide on a website based on a single letter?

And even better, can anyone explain why McDonald's bought the letter 'S'?

And do you get anything different in your internet alphabet?


Anonymous said...

I liked V for Vendetta!


JC Skinner said...

I liked the original graphic novel. The film was cack, though.

Fran said...

The letter 'S' comes up as tomshardware.co.uk on my browser, so maybe it has something to do with your default search engine. Mine is google.ie