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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Samhain

Happy New Year to all the druids and New Age types out there.

Now could you please stop your kids from knocking on my door dressed as numpties begging for cash? I don't send my nipper round your house on December 31st looking for pocket money.

I saw a load of kids in a shopping centre today walking around overtly begging for spondulicks. They nearly ate the face off some old lady who offered them twix bars instead of cash.

Security only threw them out when I pointed out that if it had been some Roma gypsy begging for cash, they wouldn't even have been let into the centre in the first place.

When did Halloween turn into an American 'trick or treat' session on this side of the Atlantic, and when did it become acceptable to send your kids out begging around shopping centres dressed in witches' hats?

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Jerry Cornelius said...

I wouldn't think the new Trick or Treat tat is responsible for the begging children. We all enjoyed a bit of scrounging around the doors when we were kids, but at least we had to learn a tune and deliver a bit of a performance to earn our 5p!But as to the trick or treat thing, does that mean I'm allowed to pelt your children with eggs, or perhaps pass significant electric currants through their little bodies. Maybe all things that come out of America are not all bad!!!