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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Paddy's Day

Happy Paddy's Day to all Irish people everywhere, both fake and real, and especially to the Irish international rugby team, who are on the verge of claiming their first Six Nations Championship today, and to the Irish international cricket team, who are on the verge of claiming a historic one-day international victory over test giants Pakistan.

Good luck to both the rugby and cricket teams today. Hope you do Ireland proud.

Edit: And a Belfast touch judge in Paris has given the championship to France by gifting them an inconclusive try. Shame. Good luck to the cricketers, who are storming the Pakistanis at the moment.

Further edit: Pakistan are 132 all out. That's a stunning display from Ireland. They've given themselves every chance of taking a huge scalp here.


Dario Sanchez said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day too. Cricket?

Ireland were 6 for a duck at one stage, is that good or bad?

Bock the Robber said...

Bah. We lost out by a whisker, but the lads did well and we wish thewm all the best. Roll on the World Cup.

Denis Hickie was simply enormous, but I can't avoid wondering how it would have gone if big Paulie hadn't broken his thumb.

Amazing news about the cricket. It's like Romania beating the All Blacks.

Scunthorpe didn't do so well, however. They only managed a draw. I knew you'd be devastated.

tim ruttledge said...

The cheating Italians and their odd shaped ball was the killer, O'Gara couldn't kick it and it went all over the place in the line outs....still we won, and lost the championship by a preverbial gee hair, but the French deserve it.
I suppose credit to the Italians for winning 2 games this season.
Ireland beating Pakistan is incredible, maybe Joyce will want to come back?
Happy Paddy's Day

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