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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Who said Americans were stupid?

Aussie broadcasters reveal the true extent of the average American's idiocy and lack of knowledge of the world.

Q. Which countries are in the axis of evil?
A. California, New York, Florida, Mississippi...

Watch and weep!

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Beccy said...

Boy am I glad I'm not American after watching that.

Although I'm sure you and your American readers do have plenty of brain cells.

JC Skinner said...

My American other half is much better educated than I am, but she roared out loud when she saw that!

Missing Neighbour said...

It's too scary to think about so I am just going to blank that video out of my mind. You have to wonder how the average American citizen can be so ignorant in the 21st century. Especially in a country that has one of the highest number of people with internet access. What the fuck are they doing on the web? I mean the information is there for them if they want it. Very very frightening indeed.

John Mc said...
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John Mc said...

Funny - I live in San Francisco, (which is very different from the rest of the US), and I would say that the Americans here have a much better and much more balanced view of the world than the average Irish person I meet at home.

Its a country of 350 million people - you simply cannot generalise. If Americans are so dumb how come they have the most Nobel Prizes per head of population ?

The dumb and ignorant are to be found everywhere.

Anonymous said...

about nobel , who publish them ?
bush is gona get one for world peace i think

Me said...

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