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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Irish Bishops condemn Israel

Congratulations to the delegation of Irish bishops who yesterday called on the EU and Ireland to review their ties to the apartheid state of Israel, after concluding that the Zionist regime had turned Gaza into little more than a large prison for the indigenous Palestinian population.

I hope that when they address their concerns to An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, they will be listened to. I hope also that their meeting with Ahern will result in a severing of trading ties with the regime, which was accurately described by the Bishops as conducting an injustice upon the Palestinian people.

Injustice is a very mild word for stealing someone else's homes, systematically killing them and herding them into large open air prisons behind huge walls (see above and here), harrassing them as they try to move about and work in their own land, and denying them access to their families and medical treatment when they find themselves on the 'wrong' side of such illegal barriers.

The illegal Israeli regime, which has long survived only due to being propped up by American money and weapons, is always quick to denounce those who condemn the horrors they perpetrate as anti-semitic.

In fact, they are the true anti-semites, as they steal the land from the Semitic Palestinian people and allocate it to fake Jews imported from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia to serve as soldiers and service industry underclass to the Ashkenazi elite.

It is high time, as the Bishops have said, that the people of Europe stand up and denounce this shoddy, apartheid regime and the genocide they are seeking to commit on the Palestinian people.

And it is high time that our own government showed some leadership in this regard by severing ties with such an abhorrent entity.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe it...we've found a topic we both agree on! I still love wearing lippy though.

JC Skinner said...


Dario Sanchez said...

I personally hate those IPSC whingers, but you have managed to raise the same point without making me want to throw fruit at you.

What I can't understand is, why do the Jews have control of an area of land holy to three major world religions? And why did they deserve it in the first place? Political boundaries shouldn't be drawn according to religious beliefs.

JC Skinner said...

Answer: Because the Brits gave it to them due to European guilt over the holocaust, and they don't deserve it at all.

Dario Sanchez said...

Thanks for giving creedence tgo a belief I always held. So I'm not the only non IPSC person who dislikes Israel.

JC Skinner said...

Never mind the PLO scarf wearing middle class mongs of the IPSC.
There is a real issue here, just as there is at the heart of the Shell to Sea campaign, that you should not ignore just because professional morons have made it their bugbear.
Israel is a dangerous, nuclear enabled, apartheid state built on land stolen from others.
When Irish bishops of all people, not known for rabble rousing, are telling you that Israel has made Gaza an open prison, you can be sure they have.
God forbid you ever have to go there, Dario.
The occupied territories are in bits, thanks to Israel's apartheid wall, tanks and soldiers, while Israel itself is a psychotic, paranoid theocracy hellbent on genocide.

Dario Sanchez said...

There ae many examples I can use to agree with you but the most prominent one was the near-total devastation of Lebanon's infrastructure and towns last year. For what? A couple of kidnapped soldiers?

Bullshit. And the Jews having the bomb is just a frightening prospect.

The Voice of Treason said...

I have a dislike for Israel because they are right-wing militaristic fuckers, backed up by the most right-wing American administration we have ever seen... although it comes nowhere near to my 'dislike' of Muslims!

JC Skinner said...

Sort of got the idea you weren't that big a fan of Muslims, VoT!
But then again, perhaps less would be over here if America stopped propping up their anti-democratic demagogues in the Middle East and North Africa and let the people have a say in their own destiny.
Equally, there'd be no reason for Palestinians to leave their region if they had their own country, as they should.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Irish girl and I'm Muslim. When someone says they dislike me and others like me simply because of my religion then that's really sad and pathetic. My mother is Irish. My father left India as he was a muslim in a predominantly hindu country and faced discrimination. When I speak out against the rogue state of Israel I don't denigrate Jewish people. Thousands upon thousands of my muslim sisters and brothers are dying in Iraq and Palestine at the hands of Jews and Christians. I shouldn't need to mention the genocide committed in Serbia by Christian Militia groups. Despite this I don't claim to 'dislike' Christians or Jews. It's important to separate the actions of a small minority from the wider community.

JC Skinner said...

I agree with you, Anon. I was educated alongside Jews, Muslims and various flavours of Christians. I'd friends from all sorts of backgrounds.
Like the Irish bishops, I think it is important to distinguish between Judaism and Zionism. There is nothing wrong with Judaism, but Zionism is an evil inflicted on the people of Palestine, and like all evils, it must pass.

Me said...

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