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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Redefining the English language

I'm getting well annoyed by continual attempts by various lobbies to redefine aspects of the English language to suit themselves and their narrow agendas.

The latest stunt comes from those obesity-peddlars McDonald's, who are apparently so miffed at the usage of the word 'McJob' that they want to change it.

Of course they want to change it. The word, which has been current for decades, is understood to mean a crappy, low paying job with few decent conditions and little security in an appalling fast food or other menial environment.

Which is extremely apt, since those are exactly the sort of jobs generally on offer in McOutlets.

But Guardian writer Brian Whitaker has uncovered an attempt by the corporation to redefine the word, as it is apparently insulting to restaurant staff. No it isn't. It's insulting to the corporation. It's the wages and conditions offered by the corporation that are insulting to the staff.

This comes hard on the heels of Israel's continual attempts to redefine anti-semitism as meaning anti-anything Israeli or Jewish. No, anti-semitism is a bigotry against semitic people, as the word clearly expresses.

And obviously Israel would love to change that meaning, since their defence forces, by way of continually terrorising and murdering the semitic people of Palestine, are the biggest anti-semites on Earth.

They've sought to change the meaning by getting sympathetic (ie Zionist) academics in America and elsewhere to write ponderous and dubious essays redefining anti-semitism to mean just what they want it to mean and not what it actually means.

They cleverly plugged into the whole Politically Correct movement for redefining language in order to achieve this. But it's still rubbish, and merely a slimy attempt to eradicate the Zionist responsibility for the bloodbath that is the Middle East.

Languages grow organically. Let people who speak a language decide what words mean, not narrow lobbies with political agendas.

Ever since the homosexual community successfully redefined the meaning of the word 'gay', it has been tempting for other lobbies to seek to put their own sheen on the language.

Don't let them. A McJob is still a McJob, no matter what McDonalds say, and anti-semitism is still bigotry against Semites, bigotry like nicking their land, killing their kids and stealing the money that they're owed.


Dario Sanchez said...

Yes, but political correctness has gotten to a ridiulous level now where at one stage in the 90s I remember a lobby to change manhole to sewerhole because the feminists didn't like the way it had to be a 'man'hole, overlooking the fact that 'man' in that case was the Latin root word for hand.

You can't stop crap like this from happening, you can, however, stop using the words in question.

JC Skinner said...

I think it's the other way round, actually. In that you can stop crap like this from happening simply by refusing to listen to the language fascists and by continuing to use the words in question in their true meanings.

Twenty Major said...

And 'gay' now means something crap. In 40 years time 'gay' will be a breed of dog.

JC Skinner said...

Good point there, Twenty. I think it's worth tracking that particular word to show how language gets revenge on those who try to manipulate it.
Gay used to mean happy. Read any book by Somerset Maugham or Evelyn Waugh or basically from England before WW2 to see what I mean.
Then homosexuals adopted it, not liking the alternative on offer, which was 'queer.' And through their usage, and their promotion of that narrow usage, eventually gay stopped meaning happy and started meaning homosexual.
But like Twenty says, now the kids are using it to mean anything or anyone that's crappy or rubbish.
Which makes all that effort put into changing the usage and meaning of the word in the first place totally pointless.
Language will get its own back.

Bock the Robber said...

And actually, not too long ago, if someone called you a gay dog, it was a bit of a compliment.